Christmas can wait – We’re still in Thanksgiving mode…

It's been a week to count our blessings. Lots of things happened but everything worked out well in the end. The weather got really cold in a hurry, but we had a ready-made solution right at hand – Brunswick Stew.


Crawlspace-stuffI even found time to empty out part of the crawlspace.

We visited family in North Carolina for a pre-Thanksgiving celebration and heard our talented grandchildren perform in two concerts in Raleigh.

We enjoyed Thanksgiving in Floyd with Gretchen's daughter Marjorie.

Gretchen has been getting commissions to paint portraits and I am seeing a resurgence in demand for custom framing projects.

Business has also been picking up at the art gallery in The Locust Street Station. That is something we are quite thankful for.

I had a cataract removed and now I have great vision in both eyes again. Doctor David Kinsler at the Vistar Eye center in Salem did the procedure and the results were fantastic. This is the second eye he has done for me and I am happy to recommend him to anyone who needs this procedure. We were in and out in less than two hours and I was back on the computer in the afternoon.

Dr-Joe-Baum Gretchen had a minor accident on Sunday and we ended up in the Emergency Room at Montgomery General Hospital where we were taken care of by our old friend Dr Joe Baum!

Dr Joe is one of those people who make you feel better when he enters the room.  An xray and some Ace Bandages and we were on our way back home.

We are now preparing for "Dickens of a Night" in Floyd this Friday. Almost all of the businesses will be open, there will be street singers, street musicians and the regular Friday Night Jamboree. It will be a great opportunity to connect with old friends and to meet newcomers.

When things slow down a bit, I hope to start writing again. Fortunately, Doug Thompson, Fred First, and Colleen Redman keep blogging so there is no shortage of interesting things to read.

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