British Ministry of Defence cancels Michael Yon’s embed

Michael Yon has the greatest respect for the troops he embeds with and does an incredible job of communicating their bravery and resourcefulness in the face of hardship and constant danger. Not since Ernie Pyle has there been a war correspondent who was as respected by the fighting men he wrote about.


The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) canceled Michael Yon's embed after yesterday's dispatch.  I think this will be a blow to the troops he lived with and wrote about.

Please read "Bad Medicine" and see for yourself what the life of a British soldier in Afghanistan is like.

Michael really identified with the troops and gave us real insight on their views and what they face in this war. This statement from a British soldier is an indication of the trust that they have in him:

Finally, Axle said, “You Yanks are great.  You like to hear stories about us smashin’ the Taliban but people at home want to know how much we miss our families.”  We both chuckled,

The MoD may have been upset with Michael's frank assessment of conditions and his no-nonsense reporting. On the other hand, it might have been comments like these two that upset the MoD.

From David:

I can't help but think your dispatches should be required reading for all politicians in Washington, London, and other allied capitals so they can draw upon a realistic inside narrative to the nature of this fight when pondering national security policy.

From Cara Sims:

Quite frankly up until Michael joined the 2nd Rifles in Helmand Province I didn’t think about the British soldiers and their contribution to the Afghan War. But daily through his words and pictures I grew to value and hold your troops in high warm regard.

I, and the thousands of people in the U.S. who read Michaels DISPATCHES, learned to respect and honor your troops in Afghanistan. We’ve wept over their deaths and prayed for their families, we rejoiced in their survival from horrendous wounds, and thanked God for them.

They have become our heroes along with our own troops.
Michael Yon has given a face and voice to the British soldiers and their amazing efforts.
I don’t know why you have chosen to silence that voice or remove those faces.

If you believe what he wrote today Bad Medicine[24 August 2009] diminished our regard and respect for the soldiers of the 2nd Rifles you are wrong.

And you are wrong to take this precious contact Americans have with the British Soldiers in Afghanistan away.

I am sure that we will hear more about this.

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