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Some Cautions About Mind-Expanding Drugs

If you were merely a single spirit animating a body, taking mind-expanding drugs would only unlock your buried past-life memories and heighten your awareness of other spirits. Other than the enhancement of many painful and exciting memories, you would probably … Continue reading

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Choose The Most Likely Outcome of the Huma/Weiner Email Security Breach

We are currently watching a spectacular political drama that can have any of a dozen different outcomes. The only thing we can be sure of is that there will be an outcome. I will describe each of the outcomes I … Continue reading

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Unexpected Consequences of Economizing Unwisely

A friend of mine realized he was in over his head on his credit card debt and borrowed money from his IRA and paid off his cards and all outstanding bills. You would think that this action would have put … Continue reading

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Enterprise Car Rental – developed a reputation for really bad service – But wait! There’s more!!

UPDATE 10/17/13 10:00 PM Posting on works wonders! I wrote a review there because I could not find anyone to email a complaint to in the Enterprise Rent a Car organization. One day after writing my story, I was … Continue reading

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