We Can Use Some Help in Applying Spiritual Rescue Technology to Life

We are rapidly approaching the point where we can do almost anything with this technology that we can envision, if there are sufficient resources available to carry them out.

On the other hand, I am almost to my limit as far as physical universe resources are concerned, even with the help of my spiritual teammates.

I do not wish to become a choke point for the expansion of Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) and I feel that the most exciting way to expand SRT from here on out is to get all of you SRT students to specialize in applying SRT to your particular field of endeavor. We want all of you to make your name as an expert and as a specialist in applying SRT to a given area of life.

This would expand the reach of SRT enormously and would give you ownership of any of the following areas you might choose. I do realize that some of you are reasonably good in some of these areas already. What would happen if you really applied yourself and mastered the ability?

Notable psychic abilities – This is a partial list. Go to this link for a complete list and descriptions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_psychic_abilities

I would like to add some of my own areas of interest that we know can be controlled by spiritual means.

Personal Enhancement
Wealth Generation
Physical Therapy
Talent Enhancement and Modification
Personality Modification on Demand
Performance Modification for Athletes and Performers
Medium Training
Weather Forecasting
Physical Universe Constraint Modification
Sexual Counseling
Plant Growth Research
Crop Management
Animal Husbandry
Animal Healing

For those of you who are interested, we will be taking this topic up in the next SRT webinar and Talking to Spirits workshop and see where we can go with it.

David St Lawrence

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