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You May Think You Are The Lone Ranger But You Have A Large Posse Riding With You Every Day

Regardless of your age, intelligence, religion, or sex, you are never alone. You have spirits at hand for every activity you engage in. Don’t get embarrassed, they have been with you forever and are generally pretty cool with what you … Continue reading

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The curious case of Justin Craig, LRH 2.0

Justin Craig says he is the returned L Ron Hubbard, and I think there is more to his story than he realizes. Somewhere around 2011, Justin Craig discovered Dianetics and had a realization he was the returned L Ron Hubbard. … Continue reading

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Are You Tired Of Being Blind-Sided By Things You Can’t Perceive?

Most of you have supported me and encouraged me for a good long time and yet I find that your awareness seems to shut down if I do not nudge you every few days. I do not feel that this … Continue reading

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Saturday Workshop – 1-26-19 – Live Sessions on Handling Guilt

I made a stunning breakthrough this year which enables me to free almost anyone from the feeling of guilt that persists even though you have done nothing wrong. These deep seated feeling of guilt are exploited by teachers, parents, and … Continue reading

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