Turning on your psychic abilities is simpler than we realized

I have been delivering spiritual counseling sessions for many years and have seen some spectacular improvements in client’s attitudes and in their abilities to control their environments, but increases in their psychic abilities were very gradual and almost too random to mention except for a few clients who were also students and participated in my Spiritual Rescue Technology webinars.

Not all webinar participants showed an increase in psychic abilities but the few that did were doing something that the others were not. It may surprise you what it was.

In my Talking to Spirits workshops in Floyd Virginia, I have raw public talking to spirits in a group situation and when I run a session on one person, it wakes up the spirits of all participants. These other participants go home with all kinds of ideas galloping through their minds. Before they leave the workshop, I stress that they need to do solo sessions until the noise dies down and almost all of them do just that.

In the process of doing solo sessions, they discover spirits who have been affecting their lives for many lifetimes and they come back to the next workshop with notebooks full of spirit conversations and with urgent desires to handle some of these spirits so they can get relief.

Now this may seem like dangerous stuff, stirring the spiritual pot until it boils over, but these new people come back to me with a lot more information about their troubled spirit than most clients. Almost all of them have been doing daily sessions with their spirits.

They also come back with noticeably increased psychic abilities!

In subsequent workshops, these brand new people watch other people getting sessions and some of them can tell me more about the spirit I was handling than I was able to observe.

My attention is on getting the troubled spirit to discover how he trapped himself and degraded himself and in getting his justifications for diving into the situation in the first place. They are able to watch and see a lot more.

The workshop participants are calmly observing the action and picking up more information about the being, his situation, his place in history and his preference in partners than I have time to process. I see more and more of this in each workshop, so these new people are recovering psychic abilities and demonstrating their increased ability every week.

They are even able to observe beings who affecting other participants, even when I have not been doing a session!

Now, it may just be possible that I live in a pocket of gifted people, but most do not have a clue when they start. They only know that they are hurting and they want help.

The singular difference is that the people who are showing these remarkable increases in their psychic abilities are exercising these abilities daily through solo sessions, sometimes several daily sessions, simply by talking to spirits and listening to what they have to say!

If you are not exercising your psychic abilities every day by talking to spirits in solo sessions or delivering sessions to others, you are missing out.

A word to the wise, if you really want to recover your psychic abilities, do daily solo sessions and really listen to what your spirits have to say,

For more information on Spiritual rescue Technology and talking to spirits see:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1243076659147905/

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