Rachael Wants To Say Something

I was finishing up a Spiritual Rescue Technology counseling session with a new client recently and something happened that I had never encountered before. A spirit spoke out without being asked.

I had just sent one of the client’s troubled spirits off to Capitola Beach for some R & R and this new client was finally enjoying some peace and quiet after years of constant spiritual nagging about “not doing enough”.

We were chatting about what had happened and what he could expect afterwards. I was telling him how to contact his spirits in solo sessions using spirit writing, because I could perceive that other spirits had woken up while we were handling the first one. This can result in lots of strange thoughts running through the client’s mind and a couple of nights of wild dreams.

This day was different, as I was explaining exactly how to communicate with newly awakened spirits, the client interrupted with, “I want to say there is a woman who really, really, really wants to say something!”

Her name was Rachael and after I introduced myself she told me she had been with the client for only a couple of years.

I told her I could not take her in session right at this moment, but I explained how she could communicate with her host during his solo sessions and that I would take her in session when the client arranged for his next session. She was OK with that. She just did not want to miss out on talking with someone.

We chatted about her situation and made plans to talk further in our next session.

She is looking forward to it and so am I.


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