Spiritual Technology Is Missing From Our High Tech World

Technology has provided the means for more people to accumulate wealth and power, but has not provided them with protection against exhibiting anti-social behavior when they have achieved such power. We see this almost daily as powerful people have confessed to forcing sex on others as part of their daily activities. This is not a new occurrence, but the existence of the Internet has made it easier for victims to speak out and bring the power of public opinion to bear on these abusers and the companies who employ them.

Spiritual Rescue Technology can free almost anyone from the insidious forces that lead them astray from worthwhile pursuits to degrading activities like sexual abuse or drug abuse. It is the only technology I know of that can effect a significant change in behavior in a matter of weeks, even when the degraded activity has been in force for many years.

Spiritual Rescue Technology processing can change behavior simply because it addresses the root cause of undesirable behavior, the spiritual beings who are controlling the persons thoughts and behavior. When a person exhibits uncontrolled lust for instance, spotting and handling those spiritual beings who are stuck in a role that they cannot break out of will immediately free the person from these disturbing thoughts and impulses.

It does not have to be lust that will destroy a promising career. When person is plagued by spirits stuck in a permanent state of paranoia, that person will fear anyone working with them and will find ways to attack and even destroy those around him. No amount of reasonable communication will reduce the paranoia because the paranoia is being manifested by spirits who do not respond to normal conversation and therapy.

If you understand the power of Spiritual Rescue Technology, you may be able to help someone afflicted with troubled beings who are destroying their career. If you are not up to using SRT on the person, please find a way to introduce them to me so I can help them.

Spiritual Rescue Technology makes a person more themselves with every session. They go from a state of spiritual overwhelm to a calm certainty of self and purpose in session after session. Eventually the person assumes responsibility for the condition of the spirits surrounding him and finds ways to organize them to achieve his goals. At this point, life becomes quite rewarding.

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