I think I know why we haven’t seen any deer lately

Black-bear-running I was out walking with the cats tonight and as we strolled through the woods on the western boundary of our property I heard a crash behind me and the sound of a running animal.

Looking through the trees at our neighbor's field I saw a black bear running across the field and into the woods on the far side. I was stunned as I never expected that anything that large could move that fast.

It was about 3 1/2 feet high, looked to weigh about 250 pounds and it moved!

The bear did not canter like some videos I've seen, it moved at a gallop, thrusting off both back feet and landing on the front feet 5 or 6 feet away. This was rapidly repeated again and again until the bear disappeared im the distance.

I was relieved that it was running away because I could not have outrun that bear if it had been heading in my direction.

Since I was not carrying my camera, I looked online to find a bear image that resembled the bear I saw and found the image in a Prince William Sound Bear Hunt by Neil Moomey and Mike Kopcznski, May 2000.

So now that we have a bear that travels within 150 feet of our house, I will be more cautious when going outside at night.

It adds another dimension to living in the country.


Here is a shot from our back deck showing the exact location where the bear was running down the slope toward the right. We will be watching this meadow closely from now on.

Bear track

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  1. Mike Brown says:

    Wow David I enjoyed the story. I’ve heard of a black bear ocassionally frequenting our property but have yet to see one. I look forward to the day. Stay Safe! Mike and Lisa

  2. chris says:

    I saw a black bear run across the field in front of my house about a year ago. Like the one you saw, it was going too fast for me to go for a camera.

  3. Dragon Quilter says:

    Amazing David!! I had always been told that when you go into an area where there are bears or wildcats that you should be making noise as they most likely will avoid you…but then again I doubt I would want to encounter that bear in any case!

  4. Jack Russell says:

    Most pundits agree that making noise (tin whistles are a good choice) and carrying pepper spray is useful to head off a bad encounter. Others suggest that knowing what type of bears might be found in the area is important. Such a method of determination could involve recognizing bear “scat.” For example, the scat of black bears tend to be domed and contains evidence of berries, corn and other vegetative matter. The scat of brown, or grizzly bears is similar except it smells of pepper and contains bits of shiny metal.

  5. Brad says:

    I kinda doubt the bear is why you haven’t seen any deer lately. I also understand that a black bear can hit 30 mph.

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