A Young Lady Who Uses Her Spiritual Companions To Create Musical Magic.

Alma Deutscher started composing at the age of 4.

She has a stable of spiritual composers she can draw upon to help her with her composing.

Her works and her performances show an amazing understanding of the human condition.

She is now 12 and has composed and produced an opera based on an upbeat version of Cinderella.

You need to take a few minutes and see this young woman in action. Those of you who are becoming proficient in using SRT to augment your abilities, might get some ideas from what she has done. She has assembled musical spiritual teammates knowingly by intuition. Perhaps some of you might consider pulling in dead programmers or or orators or geniuses to help you with your careers.

Watch this video and be inspired. Be sure to watch both parts.

In the second part she composes a piece from four random notes taken from a hat. Her ability brought tears to my eyes. She spoke truth when she said she does not want to be a second Mozart. She wants to be the first Alma.


Here is a link to more of Alma’s performances. The first one is Alma at an earlier age. She is trying to explain her talent to Arik Vardi, a world renowned musician and piano teacher.


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