Statues carved while you watch, in Floyd VA

Lanny-Bean-at-work-2-web We have all sorts of artisans in Floyd and they work in every imaginable media. One of the most interesting works I have seen recently was the statue now being created by woodcarver Lanny Bean for Attorney Jonathan Rogers.

Lanny is carving a huge chess piece out of an old Maple tree at 602 East Main Street in Floyd, VA. The progress of the carving can be observed easily if you are driving in the vicinity of the intersection of Oxford and Main.

Lanny Bean Sculptor Lanny expects the carving to take almost 25 hours because he works for only three hours at a time with the chainsaw. Those of you who use chainsaws know how much effort it takes, especially when you are making cuts at shoulder height.

JR Logo  The completed carving will be a three dimensional representations of Jonathan Rogers logo.  Lanny started the project a few days ago and should still be working on it for another week or more, depending on the weather.

Big-Jack-Gallimore Lanny has carved a number of statues in the Floyd Area. His statue of Big Jack Gallimore stands in front of Wills Ridge Supply on Lumber Lane and his statue of a woman with a basket stands across form the Food Lion on West Main in Floyd.
Statue of mother

He does statues, sculptures and special requests. If you have a yearning for your own statue, Lanny Bean can be reached at Custom Wood Carving 540-745-3096.  



Knight-is-almost-doneLanny is further along than I expected. He did some nice detail work on the horses mane and has refined the design in the last few days.

The logo is almost completed now and will be left to dry out for a few days before any finish is applied.

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