Silver Bullet Fables – revisited

Cliff A couple of years ago I wrote about the folly of blindly following rules that are generally considered to be "Silver Bullets" in terms of being a one-shot handling for life's problems. The trap occurs because these silver bullets all sound so "reasonable".

Now that Summer is coming to a close and many of us are gearing up for a very challenging future, I thought it might be worth revisiting three Silver Bullet fables which can bring you down if followed religiously.

Here are three Silver Bullet fables. I am sure you all have examples to add to the list.

Silver Bullet Fables – part 1 – targets 

Silver bullet fables – part 2 – persistence  

Silver bullet fables – part 3 – competence  

I've found that there are no eternal silver bullets for solving life's problems. Even the best practices can become woefully out of date and dangerous to follow blindly. We need to stay alert and look for the strategy that will allow us to produce the results we need while maintaining our integrity.

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