What Is The Target Of Spiritual Rescue Technology Processing?

We are trying to restore free will to the spiritual beings we encounter and to the people who have been their unwitting hosts.

How do we know when this is accomplished? The being wakes up and is able to exercise his free will. He may leave without a goodbye or he may have much to say and may want to continue working with the host and helping them.

Once the being is no longer controlling or influencing the host, the host will experience a feeling of relief and a new sense of freedom, because his free will will have been restored also, to the extent that the being has been limiting the host’s free will.

The host will be able to control more of his environment and his intentions as he addressee the beings who are influencing and controlling his actions. It is a win-win situation. The being is freed of his compulsions and the host regains control of his life.


This is the true target of SRT processing, the removal of compulsions and the restoration of free will to all concerned.

The target of SRT processing is not the recovery of data from the past, that is the province of SRT research.

Time after time we accomplish major changes with SRT processing and all parties involved are eager to get on with life and want to increase their ability to make things happen.

There are other times when the host experiences spiritual and physical changes, but the is certain that the whole session was imaginary. He finds himself in extreme doubt because the dates don’t match the history books or the names are spelled wrong or the being claiming to be his dead grandfather doesn’t remember his birthday.

SRT sessions involve telepathic communications with spirits. You or the counselor ask a question and the being or beings respond with a thought, a still or moving image, or a burst of telepathic data that embraces an entire concept being played out over a period of time. If you are reasonably perceptive, you will pick up these telepathic transmissions with reasonable accuracy as far as the emotions and actions are concerned.

You may have trouble getting names, dates and certain other details right because your spirit is not thinking in your language. He or she may be thinking in Akkadian, which is an extinct Semitic language or he may be thinking in Iroquois or an Aztec language.

Numbers and names of people and dates do not necessarily translate will because you and the spirit will be using different frames of reference.

If you invalidate spiritual communications based on your misinterpretation of a name, date or location, you will never unlock the reasons your life is the way it is now. Focus on what is occurring in the incidents the spirits describe and their emotions as they relate their stories. if you use caring communication, you will get to the heart of what they are saying and you will give them the relief they need.

We are not interested in gravestones and history books. We are releasing beings from incidents they are stuck in. If the beings are freed and leave happily, we have accomplished something worthwhile.

You might want to read my second book again, “Using Spiritual Rescue Technology”, to get a better understanding of what is going on in an SRT session.

If this article does not answer your questions and remove your doubts about the validity of SRT processing, you might want to take a look at the beings who are holding your doubts in place and making sure you have doubts about your experience.

You have beings who are quite content for you to remain as you are. SRT handles their past failures and sets them free. Once they are handled, you will be free also.

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