Free Spiritual Training Workshop – Thursday Night – 1-25-18 at 7pm EST

We will be holding an online spiritual training workshop which will enable you to handle the stuck flows in your life so you will no longer be waiting for people to hire you or to pay you the money they owe. If you are troubled by the lack of recognition or affection you get, this webinar will open your eyes to a solution to your problems.

We have discovered a powerful process to boost your psychic power and will train you to use it and will demonstrate how it works during the workshop. You discover how to communicate with and control your relationship with others even when you might be afraid of them to begin with.

I have delivered about a dozen sessions using this process and in each session the client has experienced a major increase in ability to know what the target intended and in their ability to manage their relationship with the target.

It appears that we are doing a kind of remote viewing with a certain amount of psychic interaction with the target person.

We will be exploring how this works in tomorrow’s free online workshop at 7pm EST. Use this link to join me using your computer, tablet, or cellphone:

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