Think you could donate one of your old digital cameras to a local charity?

The wonderfully dedicated couple who run Portable Produce out of their Wildfire Pottery Shop need a working camera to replace the one that just died. If you have a digital camera that you are no longer using, consider giving it to Portable Produce.

In addition to helping a lot of other people in Floyd, you may claim a charitable deduction if you wish. Call Karen Day at 540-357-5657 for the best way to get the camera to them.

Karen Day and McCabe Coolidge are two of the most giving people I know. We in Floyd, Virginia, were fortunate when they joined our community a few years ago.

They been dedicating their lives to service in far flung countries, in the inner cities and everywhere they have lived. Their actions have brightened the lives of many others even in the few short years I have known them. In that time they have personally created Portable Produce, Wonder Gardens, Healthy Snacks, and Empty Bowls, all which help the less fortunate.

They set a splendid example of how artists/entrepreneurs can find time to help others while struggling to make a living themselves. These two are the real thing and they attract support from like-minded individuals all over Floyd who donate produce, food and time to share with those in the county who are not so fortunate.

For details on the many programs they create and support visit

If you don't have a camera to donate, you might want to donate time or food or other forms of support. Call Karen and see what they need.

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