Cargo Cult Science produces “Global Crises” on demand

Certain politicians and tin pot dictators have long employed the tried and true method of using crises to keep constituents from "looking behind the curtain".

The most effective method of diverting attention away from how badly things are being run is to find a target menace and make it so terrifying that good sense flies out the window. Uninformed citizens (elites &  masses alike) who get their news from TV instead of real sources blindly follow the government piper over the hill.

A competing nation can be made into a boogeyman to frighten the rubes and get their tax money, but for real control of the citizens, you need a global crisis. This is where the cargo cult scientists like James Hansen come in. They will whip up computer models that will prove whatever a politician needs.

You want a global disaster of apocalyptic proportions? Hansen and his cohorts have a hockey stick generator that will make your hair stand up. Temps are rising! Seas are rising! We're all gonna die in five years!

Unfortunately he will not reveal his source data so other scientists can duplicate his findings. Real science requires that experiments are repeatable.

The UN knows a good thing when they see it so they sponsor the IPCC, their Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to push an agenda that will increase UN influence. After all, the Oil for Food scam is dead, so they need a new reason to exist.

Many scientists in the IPCC disagreed with the slanted reports put out by the UN and they set up the International Conference on Climate Change which counters the junk science coming out of the IPCC. This series of conferences is sponsored by a number of organizations. If you have any curiosity about what is actually happening in terms of climate change, you might start by reading the most recent proceedings.

Richard Feynman's 1974 Commencement address at CalTech provides the definitive definition of Cargo Cult Science. In it he points out the dishonesty of falsely promoting one's research to secure funding.

Only a few years ago, James Hansen was promoting Global Cooling. Now he has switched to a more remunerative prediction. Computer models can "prove" almost anything.

I wonder what the next "global crisis" is in the works?

Maybe they will try to prove water vapor and CO2 are pollutants… Oh, right.

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