Any more stimulus and we will be using these…


This is the low-emission vehicle that will replace the Harleys and other vehicles we used to enjoy.

The much-vaunted Stimulus Bill has managed to give money to every crackpot alternative energy scheme, while ignoring tested alternative energy like nuclear and hydro power. One might almost think that Obama and friends were more interested in "control" than in creating a robust economy.

The Stimulus and Cap and Tax bills were crafted by lobbyists and they did an excellent job of assuring that Obama's friends were paid off first. At the same time, enough crumbs were sprinkled onto worthy projects that many people felt that the stimulus was a good move.

Unfortunately our national debt has ballooned beyond all expectations and we will not get any concrete information until August.

The administration's annual midsummer budget update, usually scheduled for mid-July, has been put off until the middle of next month. It is expected to show higher deficits and unemployment and slower growth than projected in Obama's February budget and May update.

Our elected predators are busy taking us down the road to Socialism. Taxpayer money is being used to entice individuals, organizations and even states to get on the gravy train and support a government that is nationalizing businesses like any third world dictatorship.

The weak-minded are seduced by the prospects of easy money and it causes them to change from "What can I do to improve my situation in life" to "What do I have to do to continue getting government money".

Since productive businesses and individuals are being forced to support unproductive businesses and individuals through discriminatory taxes, it is only a matter of time before the bigger and more prosperous companies and individuals will vote with their feet and leave the country.

The rest of us will learn to live with our down-sized third world economy unless we insist on our Constitutional rights and elect representatives who actually represent us.

We still have a choice. We had better learn to communicate our needs to our elected officials more effectively.

H/T to Rico at  Theo Spark for the timely image.

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  1. mattbg says:

    I am really concerned about these deficits. There were already deficits during the so-called good years, and now it’s gone through the roof. I think we have to seriously ask whether or not these deficits will be cleared up in any meaningful way before the next recession hits and we’re forced to take on even more… and this next recession could very well happen as a recovering economy forces energy prices back up.

    The attitude of liberal economists is very worrying — essentially, keep piling money into the economy and don’t worry about the amount. If you read a magazine like “The Economist”, this was essentially their cure. Their attitude was that past problems were caused by not enough stimulus and that there was no such thing as “too much”.

  2. GBGames says:

    What American Socialism Looks Like:

    Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt versus real data and critical thinking. FUD is easier, faster, and feels better, I guess. I’m not saying that the concerns about deficits aren’t real, but socialism? Here? No, nothing like third-world economies at all.

    I’m still wondering where all this concern about socialism was when Bush pushed through the largest expansion in entitlement spending. Most of the current budget is continued spending of his programs, but no one was complaining about socialism or liberal policies then.

    As for the stimulus, $6 billion is being spent to clean up nuclear waste, mostly at nuclear power plant sites. That means existing sites, which makes me wonder how much it would cost to clean up new ones that would get built.

    That’s a LOT of money just to clean up waste. Why does it cost so much?

    As for hydropower, “$4.6 billion for the Army Corps of Engineers for environmental restoration, flood protection, hydropower, and navigation infrastructure projects”

    It’s in there. I’m not quite seeing funding for all the “crackpot” ideas anywhere, though, but I wonder how much is hyperbole and how much is fact.

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