Activists take advantage of sincere environmentalists

It certainly appears that concerned environmentalists are being misled by activists using cargo cult science.

We have personally been supporting conservation efforts for many years and most of our friends support efforts to preserve wetlands and stop pollution of our waterways. Lately, however, there are too many attempts to hijack sincere environmental efforts and divert money and energy to support political scams.

If a political action group tried to raise taxes for a government program "Save the Jackalopes", most environmentalists would spot the scam immediately.

On the other hand, if politicians create a monstrous program to reduce Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere by calling it a "pollutant", some environmentalists are taken in. This is a scam that is as devious as any Nigerian email.

The "Carbon Dioxide as Pollutant" scam by the Global Warming Climate Change folks is being rebranded as Project 350 which is a stellar example of reliance on cargo cult science.

Publicity-seeking figures criss-cross the country spreading the word that the planet has reached a "tipping point" and a massive joining of hands is needed. Expert PR firms have crafted a campaign that will ease the adoption of legislation that will steer your tax money into eager government hands and private pockets.

If you go to the Project 350 site, you will see this and other falsehoods:

So, what is global warming and what's the problem anyway?

The science is clear: global warming is happening faster than ever
and humans are responsible. Global warming is caused by releasing what
are called greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The first inconvenient truth is that global temperatures have been falling for 8 years.

The second inconvenient truth is that Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is driven by temperature and CO2 peaks occur years AFTER global temperature rises.

As a carbon-based lifeform, I resent efforts by politicians to characterize Carbon Dioxide as a pollutant. It is essential to life and my plants love it. If CO2 increases, plant growth increases to take advantage of it.

Richard Feynman defined Cargo Cult Science where the "scientist" puts on a white coat but omits to do real experiments, theory testing & general scientific method.

We are seeing a lot of that these days…

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