Why We Record Spiritual Counseling Sessions

Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) counseling sessions involve communications from spirits as well as the counselor and the client. Recording these sessions provides a mutual benefit to the client and to the counselor as a permanent record is made of the spirit’s contribution to the session.

During a typical SRT counseling session, the client will be providing a channel for one or more spiritual beings to express themselves. The counselor will ask questions of the spiritual beings and will have the spirits respond using the client as a channel for their thoughts.

When a spirit is speaking through a person, the person may or may not be aware of what is being said. This depends on how much control the spirit is exerting over the person. We often see this situation in life where a spirit causes us to blurt out something or make us do something we regret.

In the usual counseling session, the client has some awareness of what is being said by the spirit who is being addressed by the counselor, but there are times when the spirit is emotionally aroused and takes full control of the client channeling his communication. In these situations, the client is a passive observer and is not always fully aware of what the spiritual being is saying.

There have been cases where a client had little or no recall of what happened in session other than they felt better afterwards. In these cases, a troubled spirit was handled and left, leaving the client feeling relieved and no longer subject to the spirit’s emotions.

Recording sessions and providing recordings to both client and counselor provides an opportunity for both to review the session afterwards and gain additional realizations about what occurred in session.

Session recordings are made available to the client either as privately accessible online files or on flash drives.

Clients who routinely review their sessions afterwards report additional gains from that action as they will spot things that occurred in session and were not understood at the time.

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