Spiritual Rescue Technology Sessions Differ From Other Forms Of Spiritual Counseling – Part One

SRT counseling is a conversation, not a series of commands. The counselor speaks directly to the spiritual being and the client relays what the spirit is saying. The counselor is able to perceive what the being is saying so he uses this information to assist the client to channel effectively. The counselor does not tell the client what the spirit is saying, he coaches the client until the client perceives what is being communicated.

In Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) counseling, once the spiritual being is identified, the counselor speaks directly to the spiritual being and the being’s reply is channeled through the client. This is easier than it might appear, because the new client is coached to say whatever comes to mind when the counselor asks a question.

Once the being realizes that he is being addressed, he usually starts to take over the clients body and the client’s voice will change and the body will show new mannerisms when the being is speaking. The being will say things like, “I am holding a spear!” or “I made a serious mistake!” and he will often talk about the client and what the client is doing that he does not agree with.

When the client breaks in with a comment of his own, it is quite easy to see who is speaking.

Occasionally, a client resists turning control over to the spiritual being and he will say things like, “He is holding a spear.” or “He made a mistake.” Telling the client to relax and let the words come without editing them usually encourages the spirit to communicate directly.

The object of the session is to free the spirit from some incident that has overwhelmed him and this is best accomplished by caring communication with the client and the spirit. If the counselor and the client do not recognize that the spirit is a being worthy of respect and compassion, they will not make much progress.

We must engage the interest of beings who feel there is no hope of a future, and by careful questioning get them to look at the incident which overwhelmed them and fixated their attention. Once they can see the incident, we get them to recognize what actions of theirs precipitated the incident and finally, we get them to recognize their justifications for taking that action. This last step releases them from the confusions which have kept them pinned to the incident and they become aware of present time and the situation they are in.

When a client participates in enough sessions, she begins to recognize that she can perceive the thoughts of a spirit without the help of a counselor. Her telepathic abilities have been rehabilitated and she will find that her friendly spirits have been coaching her and making comments to her for a very long time.

In some cases the clients will eventually realize that many of their thoughts came from the spirits who surround them. A person looks at a unfamiliar image and wonders if it might be an image from ancient Mesopotamia, never realizing that he is receiving impressions from a being who remembers the era vividly.

With practice and SRT solo sessions, a person can recover memories from their spiritual companions and use this information to create art or stories or just to expand their understanding of life.

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