Vision of A Future Event 9-26-19

As many of you know, I am a counselor and I do worldwide spiritual counseling over Zoom for personal, business, and health issues. I got into the counseling game because I had various occurrences that could not be explained by science.

I have had visions of future events where I would get a clear image of something and then see it later, so I can recognize when I see something that hasn’t happened yet. The images are clear and distinct and they are definitely not present time or past events.

I saw an image earlier today that I have never seen before. I was looking over a woman’s shoulder and she was using a keyboard that looked like this one. There was a transparent cap over the keys on the lower left hand corner of the keyboard with the legend “FUZZY CAPS” on it. It covered several of the existing keys and may have been a hologram.

There were several other rectangular caps on the upper right corner of the keyboard, but I was so startled by reading FUZZY CAPS that I lost the image before I could read what was on the caps and could not recover it.

It appears that the keyboard might be used for graphics design and the holograms could be a way to indicate special functions accessed by pressing several keys in the indicated area.

Has anyone seen anything like this keyboard? I have never seen the term Fuzzy Caps before and it caught my attention.

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