Tax Day Tea Party – Rocky Mount Virginia

DSC00897I knew I had to find out for myself what these Tax Day Tea Parties were about once I saw MSM pundits and left leaning bloggers making snide comments about them.

The Liberal contingent seems to be sure that some vast conspiracy lies behind these grassroots events. Well there is sure a lot of agreement in these tea parties that the government is on the wrong path, but the spontaneity is unmistakable.

DSC00863 I attended the Rocky Mount, Virginia, Tax Day Tea Party this noon and came away with a feeling that other people acting independently have reached conclusions that agree with my own observations.

The crowd of more than 150 people (identified by headcount in photos) filled the area in front of the Franklin County Courthouse and were cheerfully determined to make their concerns known. They brought their dogs and their kids and everyone seemed to be having a good time exercising their right to assemble.

DSC00900 Perhaps that is what the MSM fears most. If ordinary people can see through the spin that old media is performing, there will be a vanishing audience for their opinions disguised as news.

DSC00911 I was inspired by the people who attended this tea party. They were friendly and they had come from all over to show that traditional values still exist in this part of Virginia. Most of the attitudes and signs I saw expressed conservative points of view and a feeling that both political parties are on the wrong track.

DSC00922 The tea party was  against big government but was not significantly oriented for or against any political party. There was one Goode supporter in the crowd and there were a few anti-Obama signs, but the message on most of the signs indicated that government is becoming Socialistic and spending is way out of control.

DSC00912 A major point of agreement was that government is taking over responsibilities that belong to the states, is interfering with businesses at all levels and is failing in its biggest responsibility of keeping the country safe.

DSC00875 The pace of the event never flagged. There were several speakers who spoke briefly and to the point and the keynote speaker was Delegate Charles D. Poindexter, of the 9th district, who spoke for only a few minutes but the issues he covered resonated strongly with those attending.

Here are a few points that got extremely strong positive responses from the crowd:

  • There is too much government
  • Spending is out of control
  • Every generation should pay its own  debt
  • The government is wasting the labor of the people under the pretense of taking care of them
  • "Investment" is a new term for government spending to hide what they are doing
  • This administration said "no" to drilling. We say drill, baby. drill.
  • "Progressive" means an ex-liberal, perhaps a socialist
  • The administration is undermining the constitution
  • Defense is the number one job of the Federal Government,
  • but this administration is going to gut our military

Here are some of the signs that people carried:
DSC00852 DSC00857 DSC00869 DSC00873

DSC00876 DSC00883 DSC00886 DSC00887

DSC00889 DSC00890 DSC00891 DSC00892

DSC00902 DSC00893 DSC00909 DSC00910

DSC00917 DSC00918 DSC00919 DSC00920

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