Are You Tired Of Being Blind-Sided By Things You Can’t Perceive?

Most of you have supported me and encouraged me for a good long time and yet I find that your awareness seems to shut down if I do not nudge you every few days.

I do not feel that this should be the normal course of events, so of course, I keep looking for a possible cause. I have heard rumors about a dampening field around this planet which is there for the purpose of keeping us contained and stupid. If there were such a field, it would probably have a means for avoiding notice and if noticed, to make the memory disappear over time.

If this is to be an effective prison planet, it should have restraints and bars that are not visible to the inmates. It should further have a provision for making people forget whatever they learn about the barriers that keep us tied to this planet.

I cannot perceive any barriers to leaving this planet, but I do not feel comfortable trying to make a break for it and going elsewhere. Furthermore, whenever I have a discussion about forces that might be keeping us here and keeping us stupid, the topic of discussion disappears in a few days.

More importantly, when I complete a session with one of you, we are enthusiastic and our perceptions seem to be enhanced to a great degree. A few days later, however, you will be telling me about a new guru you have discovered who uses lemon juice to cure cancer and your body will be feeling sore and you won’t have a clue that a being is causing it. It appears that there is an effort to induce stupidity in anyone who is investigating this area.

It is almost like a distraction has been created to keep you from using whatever insights you gained from your last session. When we go into session again, many of you are surprised that your problem is being caused by a spiritual being! It is almost like you have been ordered to forget anything you learned in your SRT session. We spend 35 minutes discussing why your current situation is not being caused by a lack of vitamins or the fact that your neighbor is mad at you and we finally settle down and spot the being who is causing you trouble and handle him in the next 5 minutes.

This happens in session after session and I do not think it is caused by your inability to retain your gains. I am beginning to think there is a suppression field of sorts that makes spiritual seekers of truth go stupid if they are not prepared to fight off the effects of the field. If you consider this as a hypnotic effort to make you forget what is really happening, you can possibly resist the hypnosis by focusing on what is happening and what is being projected at you.

We are going to discuss this phenomenon in this Saturday’s workshop and see what we can put together to counter any tendency to forget what we gain in session. In the Sunday webinar we will take up specific situations and I will deliver sessions to anyone who wished to volunteer to be freed of this curse.

Join me for a free workshop on Induced Stupidity on Saturday 2-22-2020 at 12 noon EDT on Zoom using this link:

Join me for a paid webinar on Handling Induced Stupidity on Sunday 2-23-2020 at 12 noon EDT using this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link:

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