Stuff You will Not Notice Unless You Unleash Your special Abilities

Some people erect shields around themselves and are unaware they have done this. If you use your special abilities, you will notice that they can be quite friendly as long as you maintain your distance from them.

You can test this quite easily by moving close to them and invading their comfort zone. Their invisible shield can actually be felt as a pressure on your face if you move too close.

When I was in Scientology, we used to do drills to aid us in communicating with others. I discovered then that many people could do these drills with no problems as long as you maintained your distance from them. Moving closer would turn on all sorts of interesting reactions. With enough drilling, a person could lower their shields and engage in real communication without resorting to maintaining a shield.

When you talk to a person who keeps his shields up, you get the feeling that they are a bit stand-offish. You certainly do not feel like you are sharing space with them. The person who operates from behind his shield may even appear friendly, but he is unable to reach for you or to share your space. As a result, you will always notice that you feel a certain lack of affinity for this person no matter how polite he is or how nice he acts. You will always get a feeling of “separateness” from this person as he is protecting himself from your invasion of his space. Since affinity is defined as a natural attraction or closeness, anything which keeps a barrier in place will lower your affinity for the person or thing.

This condition can be handled once it is spotted by having the person reach and withdraw from you. You will notice that the person will not be able to reach you at first and then with sufficient practice, you will feel his attention reaching you and you will feel his affinity for you.

When a person erects a barrier around themselves, it is for the purpose of protecting themselves from anyone invading their space. Unfortunately, this barrier also prevents them from reaching out beyond the barrier into uncharted territory. As spiritual beings, our natural activity when we are communicating is to reach into the other person’s space to deliver a message and to see the effect we create on them when we communicate. If they stay behind their protective barrier, they do not reach the other person and do not know why. This leads to all sorts of miscommunication because they are ignoring the other person’s communication and sending messages with no hope of reaching or influencing the other person.

When someone masters reaching and withdrawing, they gain the ability to “be” the other person and understand their intentions and their actions. In this case, communication can become very real to both parties and understanding is achieved.

These special abilities can be developed through training and anyone whose life is dependent on their ability to communicate with others should take the time to practice reaching and withdrawing with a coach or a twin, if a trained coach is not available. When you can confidently reach into another person’s space at any distance, you will find that your interpersonal relations will be greatly improved.

It will have the additional benefit that people will feel you now understand them better. And you will.

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