Don’t Invalidate Your Special Abilities

I am sure that most of you can look back and remember times when things just went right and it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. You wanted something or wished for something and it just showed up with no effort on your part.

I am sure there were other times when you worked and struggled to make something happen and it did not happen. In fact, there were times when you expected things to go wrong and they did, just like you predicted.

You have probably guessed where I am going with this. If you don’t trust your abilities, they do not work reliably.

I know that your intentions cause results…every time. You just are not aware of how many components there are to modify your intentions.

At some level, you know that there is some resistance to your ideas and wishes, but you persist in ignoring this resistance and are forcing yourself to do things the hard way using effort and persistence. You are unwilling to believe there are mysterious influences affecting your life, instead you are a firm believer that hard work and sacrifice and good intentions will carry the day.

You do not fall for this claptrap about intuition and precognition. There is no accepted scientific evidence that extrasensory perception exists and anyone who believes they can perceive things that science cannot measure is insane.

Since science says psychic abilities do not exist, you probably ignore your perceptions and pretend to be a regular human being. That is a safe solution, until it isn’t.

There are those of us who persist in breaking the rules about what we can perceive, and we have found that we can sense many things that science can’t measure. We just have to rely on our results.

When you can’t measure things, you have no way of knowing how you are affecting the things you are trying to measure. Some examples of this are the Zener Card experiments and other parapsychological tests. These tests are performed on people of some reputed psychic ability by skeptical personnel who think the tests are bogus. We have a classic situation of intention vs counter-intention and all the tests will show is how the testers are biased. You will see this note on all mentions of the tests: The original series of experiments have been discredited and replication has proved elusive.

We can observe counter-intention in our SRT sessions and when it is addressed, the original intention produces the desired result.

Observation is the key to opening up your special abilities. Observation consists of directed attention and a willingness to pervade the area owned by the person or thing observed. When you pervade an area, you are willing to experience whatever is going on in that area and you are not resisting it, but duplicating what is occurring there. You are willing to “be” whatever occupies the area you are observing. When you do this, you pick up the intentions and counter-intentions that fill the area and the various emotions that occupy that space. You will get a clear picture of what is happening and going to happen in that area. You are perceiving the future for that area.

There are some simple Reach and Withdraw drills that can boost your ability to pervade an area and duplicate what is occurring in that area. Your ability to perceive non-physical phenomena will go through the roof if you practice Reach and Withdraw on areas that attract your attention.

In the beginning, you may only spot intentions and emotions, but with practice, you will observe things you may never have expected, like life forces, disembodied spirits, mental image pictures, and even disembodied voices. Continue practicing your ability to reach and withdraw until you master the ability to put your attention anywhere and pick up any thoughts and intentions that others have put there.

You will soon find that you can communicate in many ways that science can’t measure. Life will become much more interesting.

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