Using Admiration To Diffuse A Potentially Difficult Situation

Unlikely as it seems, there are many people whose jobs require them to exert control over others, and they often receive hostile glances and comments from the people they try to control. Cast your mind back to your encounters with clerks at the DMV and other government offices. If nothing appears, think of your last encounter with a policeman or customs clerk. If that does not bring up examples of bureaucratic unpleasantness, think of your last experience with a tired checkout clerk at the local market. Almost all of these people are forced to deal with members of the public who resent their very existence.

It is probably true to say that these people receive hostile glances and other flows even when they are trying to do their jobs in a proper and polite manner.

If you were to approach this harried person and just quietly admire the way they were managing not to scream, you just might make their day. Admiring someone for doing their job is not a difficult task and does not take words. It is always detected by the recipient and it makes them feel more alive, even if they do not understand why you are admiring them. It actually brings a bit of sanity into their lives and will usually make them smile.

If you were to approach the next person in charge of handling a line of customers and think to yourself how nice it is that this person is here to make things go smoothly, you would be casting out a flow of admiration for them doing a necessary job.

Every time I have done this, I have been greeted with a smile by the person in charge, and the transaction has gone smoothly. The person felt better, and so did I for being able to create this beneficial effect. Furthermore, the effect seems to be lasting as the person smiled at me during subsequent visits. 

Life is too short to go around making enemies. If you use the power of admiration to bring out the best in people, you will find the world to be a friendlier place.

 As you learn to use admiration to make people happier, you will find that you become happier yourself.

If you encounter people who do not respond to admiration, feel free to pity them. A person who cannot receive admiration has problems you are not equipped to resolve. They are almost as sick as the person who cannot admire others.

You are as sane as you can admire other people and living things.

If you find that you have difficulty admiring things, consult a counselor trained in delivering admiration processing. Send me a message at, and I will refer you to someone who can help.

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