Using Admiration to Handle Hopeless Situations

As an opening move, let me say those hopeless situations don’t just happen. They are caused. When you find the source of the problem, a hopeless situation can be resolved.

A hopeless situation is like any other unsolvable problem. It can be best understood as opposing intentions that are hung up in time. These hopeless situations are always based on a lie, and when the lie is discovered, the hopeless situation vanishes.

In earlier practices, the bulk of the counseling was directed to uncovering the lie that caused the problem. This is a time-tested solution, but it takes extreme skill to do it and not cause emotional damage to all concerned.

I have discovered that there is an admiration process that will resolve hopeless situations that earlier practices could not touch. This process can be learned in about an hour from a trained coach and, once used effectively, can be used by the person in solo sessions thereafter.

Here is a suggested sequence of events to handle your hopeless situation:

1 Find a coach who is trained to use admiration

2 Clear the idea of admiration as a causative flow which is not dependent on what the target is doing or being

3 Find something easy to admire and do it until you feel good and have a realization about the object of your admiration

4 Find something more difficult to admire and find a part of the situation that you can admire

5 Find something else about the situation that you can admire and repeat this action until you have a realization about the situation and feel relief

6 Inspect your hopeless situation and find something about it that you can admire. You may need help from your coach at this point because the hopelessness of the situation will prevent you from looking at it clearly at first.

7 With the help of your coach, keep finding parts of the situation that you can admire and continue to reach and withdraw using admiration until you experience a complete release from the misery of your situation. You will find that your upset will tend to come off in bits and pieces with accompanying laughter, but you should not stop until you experience complete relief. This generally takes less than an hour.

You will probably experience several realizations while running this admiration process, but you should not stop until you can actually see that the situation is no longer hopeless.

You may have to run this process more than once, depending on the enormity of your situation, but you will know you are done when you no longer have any questions on how to deal with the situation, and you are able to laugh about it with others.

If you need help in running this, even when being coached, send me a note and I will be happy to help you spot what is being missed.

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