The Transformative Power of Admiration

When you introduce admiration into someone’s life, you transform it in ways we do not fully understand yet. This may be because admiration is a positive flow of life force energy.

We can observe that exchanging admiration is like exchanging life energy with both the recipient and the originator benefiting. Certainly, in our most intimate moments, we exchange admiration at a higher rate than usual, and those moments are often a high point of our existence.

In less intimate moments, we exchange admiration with our coworkers and friends, and these exchanges seem to bind us together for long periods of time. We tend to remember people we have admired and who admired us.

I have the feeling that admiration is a flow intended to create harmony, where hatred and distrust are destructive flows, designed to interrupt harmony.

Perhaps we should regard admiration as a life-giving flow and learn as much as we can about using it to create growth and peaceful expansion. We have seen that admiration will help plants flourish, and we know that admiration will increase a person’s desire to excel and produce better results, so possibly admiration might be the key to managing organizations of any size so that they continue to flourish and prosper.

In a group situation, a clear definition of what behavior is most admired makes it easy for group members to guide their own actions to receive the most admiration from others. If the group’s admiration is aligned with the best interests of the individual, harmony results, and the group acts as a well-organized team. If admiration is used as a control mechanism and is doled out only to those following a particular path, harmony will not result.

Arbitrarily depriving people of admiration to control them is like depriving them of life-giving food to punish them. Rewarding correct behavior with admiration is a natural encouragement and is more likely to produce positive results.

If you think of your power to admire people and other living things as the ability to grant life-giving energy to them, you may begin to understand the importance of using your admiration wisely and often. Granting life is truly a god-like power and benefits all who receive it. Understanding this power and using it wisely will improve the lives of all who come in contact with you.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to bring joy into the lives of all those you touch? Admiration might enable you to do that.

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