Almost 86 Times Around The Sun – Reaching Another Inflection Point

In a few more days, this body will have completed 86 circuits around the sun, and it feels like we are settling into a new and even more interesting routine, now that we have a better understanding of what we are doing and what has been happening in our life.

I have finally realized that I am a spiritual being having a human experience and not a human being having a spiritual experience. There is a vast difference between those two viewpoints.

As a spirit having a human experience, I am aware of my immortality and of the choices I made to adopt this particular identity. I am also aware of the reason I chose to occupy a body rather than roam free through the material universe.

When I was only aware of myself as a human being, I had glimpses of my spirituality, but I viewed myself as a male body with certain physical and intellectual assets, and I worked very hard to capitalize on those assets and achieve goals I thought were worthwhile.

I am sure that my path of discovery is not yet complete, so I view this particular discovery as just one more of the inflection points in my life as David St Lawrence. At each major inflection point, something happened that altered my actions and personality and took my life in a new direction.

Since I am not the only person who has experienced these inflection points where life begins to move in a different direction, I thought I might share of few of mine, in the hopes that this will be helpful to those of you who have experienced them or about to experience another one. I think it is important to know that I did not purposely instigate any of these inflection points. They occurred when I became aware of something I did not know before. In other words, I would have a realization, and once that occurred, I could not proceed with my life as before.

This is not a complete list by any means, but these are the major inflection points that have led me to this present moment and state of mind.

  1. Entering U Mass in 1952 and being on my own for the first time at 18 yrs old. Joining a fraternity and being exposed to a totally different lifestyle with different values.
  2. Joining a startup in Cambridge Mass in 1957 and finished my college education, and ended up working for RCA and later Honeywell as a computer design engineer.
  3. Moved to Florida in 1968 to work for another startup and ended up becoming a founder of a minicomputer company.
  4. Achieved the American dream, at 34 years old, with a happy marriage, three children, and an enormous home with a large enclosed swimming pool. I was an elder in my local church and active in local politics and still felt incomplete. Somehow, I felt that religion of some sort was the answer, just not the congregational church I was in.
  5. Discovered spiritualism in 1975 and started realizing that there were many things I was not yet aware of.
  6. Was introduced to Scientology in 1976 and felt it offered answers I was looking for. 
  7. Stayed active in the Church of Scientology for 20 years while being actively employed as a corporate executive.
  8. I was quite spiritually aware, as a result of receiving advanced training and counseling in Scientology, and I realized that the Church of Scientology had become a cult and left it in 1996 to rejoin corporate life in the Silicon Valley area. 
  9. I finally retired in 2001, and we moved to Virginia, where I resumed my counseling practice at the request of several former clients.
  10. Starting in 2010, I developed a technology for communicating with spirits that almost anyone could do with a little study and I used this technology to help clients all over the world.
  11. The major inflection point that occurred during this decade was the discovery that we are not alone as spirits and are actually operating as a group of active spirits projecting a unified personality. To put it succinctly, we are composite beings running bodies with the assistance of spirit guides.
  12. Once we become aware of our spiritual companions and actively communicate with them on a regular basis, our understanding of the spiritual aspects of our lives continues to expand with no further attention on our part. We are presented with a problem, and our spiritual companions provide solutions without our asking for them.
  13. At this point, it becomes impossible to ignore the fact that our human existence is a small part of what we thought it was. At every instant, we are being presented with information about our past as spiritual beings with an infinitely long history. 
  14. Discovering that our human existence is a series of roles we choose to play to gain new experiences.

If you have come to a point where your life seems to have lost its meaning, I can probably help you find the answers that are right for you. It may be a matter of rediscovering old goals you have abandoned, or it may be a matter of increasing your awareness of your innate abilities and helping you take the first steps to establish new goals for your future.

Inflection points in your life can occur at any time. They can occur at times when all is lost and at times when you have accomplished everything you set out to do and its time to take off in another direction.

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