What Are We Doing For Our Next Human Experience? – Part One

There is a growing awareness that we are immortal spiritual beings having a human experience. 

Some people have known about this for thousands of years, and now even people from our more indoctrinated cultures are beginning to see that life is not a once and done situation. When we see weekly evidence of reincarnation through frequent exposure to videos of 3-year-olds playing classical violin, 4-year-old children playing Mozart on the piano, and 6-year-old composers, it becomes easier to absorb the idea that this young person has lived before.

Almost anyone who had experienced Dianetics or Past Life Regression for any length of time has uncovered incidents from earlier lifetimes. These exposures may not change their lives, but in many cases, the person now knows why they don’t like horses or trips on ocean liners.

As a spiritual being, we have the freedom to be anywhere we wish to be, but our power to influence the material universe seems somewhat limited. Very few of us can move or manipulate physical objects by intention alone or communicate easily via telepathy. Once we pick up a body at birth or as a walk-in, we can perceive all of the sensations that wearing a body provides. Every day we enjoy hundreds of sensations, pleasant and unpleasant, ranging from the taste of coffee in the morning, to the chill of a cold steering wheel on winter mornings, to the bliss of a warm shower after a hard day.

If you question the function of a body as an amplifier of sensations, try recalling your sensations when you are anesthetized or nearly frozen. Wearing a meat body enables a spiritual being to play the game of life with a recognizable identity and provides enjoyable sensations if the body is operated properly.

If the body is cared for and operated within established limits of temperature and pressure, it will last for many years. A spiritual being learns how to operate the body by avoiding painful sensations and through observing the actions of others.

Since a spiritual being is immortal, one might wonder why every lifetime as a human doesn’t start with full memory of earlier lives and skills. Obviously, some individuals bring their past experience with them, but for the most part, we seem to start with a clean slate and have to learn everything again. My limited research seems to indicate that being a toddler with adult memories would be dangerous to the toddler. Most adults will not take advice from a toddler easily and might view the child as a threat to their survival. Being ignorant and helpless may not be the safest strategy for survival, but it does bring out the protectiveness in many adults.

Having your two-year-old tell you that you are on the wrong road might bring out the worst in some adults. Having your two-year-old tell you that the neighbor has the hots for you might make your life difficult, but what if she mentions at dinner some night how you flirt with the neighbor? That could make your life a living hell. Knowing too much can make a child’s life difficult. Having an adult personality and knowledge might be fatal and probably has been when it occurs.

When a spiritual being has the awareness to pick out parents who are supportive of prodigy children, life can be rather amazing. The child does not represent a threat to the parents, and they treat the child as a blessing and as a contributing member of the family from the very beginning. 

When this occurs, we see the wonder that is Alma Deutscher, who was born in 2005, is a composer, violinist, and pianist. She started playing the piano when she was two years old and the violin when she was three. When she was 6, she completed her first piano sonata, and at 7, she composed a short opera, The Sweeper of Dreams. At the age of ten, she wrote the full-length opera Cinderella, which had its US premiere in San Jose. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alma_Deutscher

As marvelous as this appears, and there are many others like her who have appeared in the last few years, there is no reason why there cannot be many more prodigies if we only wake up to our true spiritual nature. We first have to realize we are immortal spiritual beings having a human experience and then prepare ourselves to play the best game possible for our human experience now and in the future.

We will discuss how we discover our actual histories and abilities in subsequent parts of this article. Stay tuned for more information about our spiritual nature.

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