What Are We Doing For Our Next Human Experience? – Part Five

The fact that we have always chosen amnesia when starting a new human experience suggests that there may be a good reason not to arrive fully cognizant of our previous life. On the other hand, the fact that we uncovered information about being spirits having a human experience would tend to indicate that other seekers of truth might have made similar discoveries.

In looking up references about arriving in a new life in an awakened state, I encountered material about Indigo Children and Star Children and a whole universe of stories about children born in an awakened state. The stories indicate that the children are psychic and have amazing abilities, and are the leaders of a new civilization. There were statements suggesting that Indigo Children are individuals who are here to bring about the New Age of Peace. 

The arrival of these gifted children is being treated as a spiritual phenomenon, which it is, of course, but the fact they are spiritual beings who have lived before is being ignored. The good news is that public acceptance of Indigo Children and Star Children makes it far easier for those of you who wish to appear again with your memories and skills intact. All you have to do is to learn the rules of acceptable behavior for Indigo and Star children, and you should have no trouble fitting in.

As the population of these special awakened children increases, there are more people working to understand them and to take advantage of their skills. There is some risk of exploitation, but it is far less dangerous than being burned as a witch in earlier times.

By the time you are ready for your jump into a new human existence, there may be established routines for indigo children to acquire bodyguards and chauffeurs and incorporate themselves so they can produce products and services to create financial independence. Society is not quite ready for 6-year-old entrepreneurs, but talent has a way of being expressed, and the legal framework will get built when needed. When there are enough children with adult abilities and personalities, society will adapt to make use of them. There will be lawyers specializing in managing the affairs of Indigo Children and making it possible for them to enjoy the fruits of their labors.

The presence of these “awakened” children will slowly but surely change society and will create new problems we will have to learn to solve. School systems are not set up for Star children, so there will probably be special academies created for those with children’s bodies and adult abilities. Universities may try to absorb 10 and 12-year old students, but I think a parallel educational structure will eventually prevail.

The presence of these awakened children provides an interesting opportunity for those of us who are trained in Spiritual Rescue Technology. We can offer them access to more of their abilities with SRT processing. In fact, those of us who develop these counseling skills in this human existence should be able to find employment in the academies for awakened children next time. A twelve-year-old counselor with professional skills may be far more effective helping a Star child than an adult who has not gone through the transformation from one human existence to another.

Once a successful pattern is developed, I can see counseling services that prepare you for your next human experience. This might become a big industry in retirement communities.

There is the elephant in the room, which I have not mentioned yet, and that is when and how you pick up your next human experience body. There are several options to consider.

Picking up a child at birth ensures that you get parents who are supportive of an Indigo Child. In fact, once this all becomes public, there will be parents who will advertise (discreetly) that an Indigo Child is welcome and list their qualifications to home school and support the child in his career. I can even see an entire body of literature being created to cater to those who want Indigo Children. There are already websites for Indigo and Star Child fans, so clubs and other organizations for supporting and exploiting these children will be more prevalent in the future.

There are spiritual beings who would rather avoid the risks and annoyances of birth and infancy and would rather perform a walk-in once they located a suitable host. I am quite sure there are parents who would welcome an Indigo walk-in as an upgrade to a child who is not working out well at all. There are all sorts of ethical issues to solve regarding walk-ins, but they are happening every day now without the benefit of legal support and community understanding. I am sure that society will adapt as more and more walk-ins occur so that some agreements will be created about consensual walk-ins and therapeutic walk-ins. 

Take the example of a hardened criminal with a long history of dangerous behavior. Wouldn’t it be better for society if a walk-in would volunteer to take over and create a new personality and a productive new life for this body? We have a recent example of this with Justin Craig who was transformed into L Ron Hubbard 2.0.

Suppose this could be done on a regular basis, where a person exhibiting antisocial or insane behavior could be given a complete upgrade to a new and productive personality? If the legal questions could be resolved, like getting signed agreements from the person receiving the upgrade, it could be a productive use of someone who would otherwise spend their life in prison.

There are other opportunities for a therapeutic walk-in. How about rescuing people stuck in a coma? Handling someone who wants to commit suicide? The suicide would be released from all responsibilities, and someone new would take over the personality as a fixer-upper. Once society begins to recognize the actuality of personality replacements from walk-ins, a new personality would be able to establish themselves as a new and different person. 

Walk-ins usually occur when a person is injured or being operated on, and the original spirit leaves or is totally overwhelmed. This is why people come home from serious operations with totally different personalities. The walk-in pretends to be uncle Fred and acts disoriented until he figures out how to cover his tracks and fit in.

In the not too distant future, people may discretely advertise for a walk-in replacement so they can escape a boring or suppressive environment. There will be takers for many of these opportunities because one person’s bad situation may be another person’s golden opportunity. You can imagine someone dying to get out of a relationship that some other being might find desirable. An arranged walk-in might be the solution to that problem.

As more people attain an awakened state, there may be opportunities to timeshare the human experiences. We have airbnb for vacation rentals, so what if we see a similar opportunity for selecting human experiences for limited engagements? Some people might be willing to rent out their bodies for a weekend or even a few hours. I have no idea how the financial exchange would work or if it would only appeal to people whose own bodies were incapacitated.

What I am describing is already occurring on an unconscious level every day. As we become more awakened, we will have the choice to do some of these ways that are ethical and benefit the most people.

Since selecting new human experiences is being done effectively right now, it behooves us to learn what works and what doesn’t and work out ways to optimize our next human experience. Being an Indigo Child or Star Child sounds like fun. Let’s figure out how to do it on demand.

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