What Are We Doing For Our Next Human Experience? – Part Six

More and more people are realizing that we are immortal beings and we have more than one human experience.

The recent discussions about Indigo and Star Children and the steady proliferation of videos of small children playing classical music with astonishing skill should awaken an interest in the possibility that there might be more to existence than the once and done belief that many devout Christians hold.

Those of us who have indulged in past life counseling of some sort know with varying degrees of certainty that we have lived before. Those of us who have been studying Spiritual Rescue Technology have arrived at a comfortable certainty that we are immortal spiritual beings who have been having a long series of human existences, some of them having taken place on Earth.

Since our studies have involved many conversations with spirits, we are also aware that our spiritual existences have been on a long downward spiral due to our habits of creating and collecting opponents who then act against us for untold eons. Their counter-intention acts against our intentions to create and as we accumulate opponents, our free intention becomes less and less.

I feel that one of the reasons we fail to learn from our past is the habit we have of choosing or succumbing to amnesia for each new human experience. Not all of us do this, of course, because a very small fraction of us return as prodigies able to influence civilization in new and strange ways.

I would like to make it possible for anyone who chooses that path to return with as many abilities as they wish to exhibit. In other words, I want everyone to have the chance to be a prodigy in their next human experience. With Spiritual Rescue Technology, we can remove the barriers to returning in whatever state you wish. It is only a matter of deciding what personality aspects you wish to change and handling any stops on returning with complete memories of your skills and creative abilities.

In order to prepare yourself to return as a prodigy, it might be instructive to look at the challenges you might face when doing so. Depending on when you decide to pick up your next body, you could be in a very small human body with adult attitudes, habits, and desires, in addition to extraordinary talents.

From the prodigies I have studied, it is apparent that most of them have an adult attitude towards work and willingly spend many hours a day perfecting their skills. When a three-year-old plays Chopin and Bach at a professional level, we know this is not a normal child, but someone who is driven by forces we can barely appreciate.

What is not so obvious is whether this prodigy has the emotional needs and desires of the person they used to be. From what I have seen they seem to exhibit a maturity far beyond their years. What is not apparent is their tendency to indulge in pleasures forbidden to people with immature bodies. Society has imposed all sorts of restrictions on behavior for people with very young bodies, but a reincarnated person with full memories may find themselves in a bit of a quandary.

I have seen enough random news articles about children driving cars, having sex, and even murdering people to suspect that some returnees have not made wise choices. Since my research has shown that unhandled spiritual companions can be the cause of this unwise behavior, it would seem appropriate to offer counseling to those contemplating return to human existence with memory of past skills and experiences.

I can even envision a rundown for those who wish to return as youthful geniuses and savants. This could prepare them for life as a gifted child in an adult’s world. They would be fully prepared to use their skills while acting as gifted children. We could call it the Indigo Rundown. (Starchild Rundown might be a bit much!)

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