Spiritual Rescue Technology Route To Infinite Knowledge

We are almost embarrassed to realize that we have had an almost complete description of the Spiritual Rescue Technology Bridge tucked away in our files for years. The full chart is on the next page.

It is only missing the thousands of stages of release that occur between the Talking to Spirits Stage and the Access To Spiritual Knowledge Stage. This diagram is also missing the helpful hint that you can do the actions in the left-hand column in any order you can manage with no harm to your spirits or your pocketbook.

This is a map to spiritual freedom, and there are no fixed “stages” of progress. That is because progress up this chart is made by releasing your spiritual companions from bondage, and at each release event, YOU regain more of your captured life force and become more able in a particular area.

Let’s take communication as an example. You may have communication difficulties with policemen, members of the opposite sex, snarling dogs, people of indeterminate gender, and school teachers. In session, your counselor will ask about beings who have trouble communicating with school teachers, and you will locate and free those beings from their painful memories of school teachers. You will experience relief from the very first session, and your tolerance of school teachers will increase with every spiritual being found and released. If you care to, you can go on to locate those beings who have difficulty communicating with all of the other problems in your environment until you can talk freely to anyone about anything.

Every session brings you more relief, but there is no point at which you or anyone can state that you are free of communication difficulties because you haven’t been talking to Martians recently, or people from Proxima Centauri, or Aldebaran either, and when you next encounter them you may choke up because you still have incomplete comm cycles to handle with them about unpaid parking tickets or outstanding warrants.

The SRT route to infinite knowledge is paved with innumerable stages of releases from stuck attention and unconsciousness, but there is no point at which you can say I am free from doubt or engrams or space cooties! The general descriptions in the 5 right-hand boxes are the nearest things we can offer you in the way of stages of development, and each description covers an incredible number of options.

The secret of SRT, if there is one, is that you have to want to know and be willing to look for answers. There are no questions that you cannot ask and no answers that are forbidden to you. If you look carefully in the top right-hand box in the accompanying diagram, you will see what you can learn from SRT.

Read on to see the full route to infinite knowledge. It is easier than you might expect.

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