Is Earth A Prison Planet?

Some of my most able students cornered me yesterday and asked me why I had decided to call Earth a Prison Planet. It turns out that they have been quietly reading my articles mentioning this planet being a prison for years, and yet they had no personal experience to support the outlandish idea that this beautiful and peaceful planet was a prison of any kind!

Well, one of the great differences between Spiritual Rescue Technology and other spiritual philosophies and religions is that you are entitled to ask any questions you want, and I will endeavor to give you understandable answers. 

I endeavor to provide answers from my personal experience and from the experiences of the spiritual beings I can communicate with.

My first exposure to this idea came from Scientology. 

There are secret levels of Scientology processing called the OT levels, and OT III describes an incident that occurred on this planet about 75 million years ago. I have provided three links at the end of this article, which provide several versions of this incident. I did the secret processes and got the results expected, and got my first real exposure to the idea that we are surrounded by spirits on this planet.

The story of OT III is very much like the wildest of conspiracy theories, except that almost anyone doing this level is forever changed, either getting much more able or possibly going a bit insane. After all, learning that you have lots of spirits in and around your body can be a bit unsettling. Most of OT III processing is a form of exorcism where you drive off the little critters who are causing you trouble.

People who do not get their desired results feel this whole story is a lot of nonsense.

How does anyone go from skepticism of this scary story to assured belief?

The same way anyone goes from an assured and confident skeptic to someone who knows what is real, they experience something they cannot reject. I had already been subject to ghostly visits and audible voices in my head in my earlier years, so I knew that spirits were real and not an imaginary occurrence.

When I finished my first OT III session, the world felt different somehow, but I could not quite figure out what was going on. That evening when I lay down to sleep, I started getting visions of people and places I have never seen before, and there was a soundtrack that went with this activity that I could not shut off. The sounds and images continued non-stop for about 3 and one-half hours and finally died away, and everything was silent and normal again. I felt that I had been subjected to a parade of spirits that had been woken up by my first OT III session.

Fortunately, this parade phenomenon never repeated, but every time I read the OT material or did an OT III session, I would experience thoughts and images from the spirits I encountered. I would also get images of volcanoes and nuclear explosions and all sorts of images that would tend to support the idea that something had happened a long time ago to leave spiritually crippled beings littering this planet. The more I read about the history of this planet from Ron Hubbard and others, the more images would come to mind, and they were not my images. One of the things you get certain about is that spirits can project images when you contact them and the more sessions you do that involve past events, the more certain you are that these incidents are real memories, either yours or someone else’s.

You do not have to do Scientology or OT III to contact past life events. Every time you read a well-written science fiction story or fantasy story, you are likely to turn on images that seem remarkably real and do not go away. The spirits who hang around you get triggered when you read stories of the distant past or of future fictional events that actually happened in the distant past.

The OT III incident happened many millions of years ago, but I have contacted spirits with memories of similar events happening more recently elsewhere. These spirits were implanted (hypnotized) elsewhere and then dumped here to keep them out of the way. 

There are other spirits who seem to have simply been hypnotized and exiled here because they had been enemies of the state. These seem to have been dumped here in the last 20,000 years. The most recent exiles arrived 5000 years ago. They seem to have been sent here from many different civilizations, not just from one big galactic civilization.

How can you verify any of this for yourself?

I am relating information I received in many different sessions, and if you apply yourself to learning spiritual rescue technology, you will contact beings who will have information you can use if you wish. Everything I have written in hundreds of articles and in my published books came from information received in session.

If you study the materials and take yourself in solo sessions, you will eventually ask the right questions to get any historical data you want. If you read something that disturbs you about any event in the distant past, you need to take yourself in session and find out which spirits are upset and why they are upset. In this way, you will get first-hand information about such events as the sinking of Atlantis, the burning of the Library of Alexandria, and the events described in the OT III materials.

I have some dear friends who are always eager to share the latest story about some scientist who has a theory that there is life beyond body death. I appreciate their kindness, but any of you can get better information about the spirit world by asking your personal spiritual companions what you want to know. Ask your spirits about things rather than reading what someone else has heard from their spirits.

My friends are happy to hear that some scientist agrees with what they know. I was an engineer for at least 45 years before I learned about spirits from encountering them in session. It’s OK to read about the experiences of others, but don’t let that stop you from experiencing spirits for yourself in session.

When you read some wild stuff about a prison planet, take your spirits in session and get what they have to say about it. Then you will know for sure.

 * * *

Here are some links to explain OT III as Ron Hubbard described it:

OT III Story

More Data About The OT Levels

Fishman Affidavit on OT3 Materials

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