For Every Scientology Clear – You Are Experiencing Their Engrams, Not Yours!

First of all, I would like to state unequivocally, there are more clears than are allowed to attest to that state. This phenomenon of experiencing other’s engrams is one reason for so many years of CCRD failures. I deliver and teach Spiritual Rescue Technology which is what should have come after OT VII and I help people talk to spirits almost every day.

In the world of Scientology, one is not allowed to work with Body Thetans (spiritual beings) until you have attested to the State of Clear and have completed many more levels of release. In SRT, we start most of you communicating with these spirits from the very first session. The few who cannot communicate with spirits usually have live engrams that go into restimulation when you are communicating with spirits.

Some clears are very happy when their bright mental image pictures vanish. Others are quite disappointed when they continue to see mental image pictures that won’t erase easily. They are misled by the definition of the various Scientology states as clearly defined levels, usually testified to by using the words, “They are all gone!” referring to images, Body Thetans, and various other phenomena.

Unfortunately, we are immersed in a veritable infinite sea of invisible spiritual beings and you may be able to move them around and disperse some on inspection, but it is like dipping a cup of water out of the sea. You can remove a thousand spirits at a time and others quickly fill in the space.

Spiritual Rescue Technology treats the spiritual experience as an engineering problem, not as a religious experience. This why SRT can never be a belief system as it is based on easily reproducible activity and reactions. If you communicate to a spirit in a caring way, you can free it from the painful experiences it is trapped in and it will go free or stay around to help you in a rational and useful way.

This is why there are no “states” of ability in SRT. Instead, there are thousands and thousands of possible releases and exteriorizations available due to the number of beings who can be released or put into productive alignment with activities they can participate in.

However, at every step of the way, you are able to see the mental image pictures of the beings surrounding you and are still able to experience the engrams of those who have not been rescued. At every step of the way, you are being advised by those beings who are interested in helping you and you can still be subject to the engrams of the beings you have not released yet. I must emphasize this so you will not let it slip by.

At every step of the way, you can still be subject to the engrams of those beings you have not released yet.

This can be very frightening to those who have been assured they are engram-free by reason of their being a Clear or an OT XX. You experience a wonderful state of release and then, months or years later, you are sitting in a restaurant and the space-age uniforms of the waitresses set you into violent restimulation. Or, you buy a new brand of lox from a neighborhood market and you go into spasms at the first bite because it turns on someone’s incident of being forced to eat raw human flesh.

These unfortunate experiences are a result of being on a prison planet that is chock full of tortured beings. You can deal with this effectively by knowing who you are and what your spiritual companions need when something like this occurs. If you study and duplicate Spiritual Rescue Technology, you can distinguish your responses as opposed to the responses of your spiritual companions to external stimuli and will know how to handle this kind of upset when it occurs.

You have many beings who have been with you for years and have acted like trusted companions and when one of them goes berserk because of some unexpected stimulus, you can spot the earlier incident in minutes and calm things down. After all, it is their incident, not yours, and knowing this you can take the steps needed to free the being from the incident they are still trapped in. Generally, spotting the incident and what occurred will free the being immediately, but you must be able to stay in present time in order to do this. If you think it is your incident, you may go out of present time and experience the incident yourself.

There is no amount of processing that will keep you free from experiencing other being’s engrams if they are close to you. If you are recruiting beings to help you and working in harmony with them, you are knowingly operating in present time and are able to help each other when someone gets restimulated.

You are no longer alone when you have trusted spiritual comrades sharing your life. They advise you, find data for you, help you recruit others, and give you a sense of belonging which is highly desirable in this turbulent world.

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