The latest Sarah Palin rumors

The nicest thing about the Internet is that there are thousands of people doing research for you on almost every possible subject.

Bloggers and journalists need not embarrass themselves by spreading old and discredited rumors about the top political candidates of the day. Any poliitian seems to be fair game, but John McCain’s running mate stands head and shoulders among the rest.

Sarah Palin has singlehandedly created a cottage industry for rumor mongers so it was only a matter of time until someone established "rumor central" for Sarah Palin rumors. Traffic has been so heavy that the servers went into "meltdown" on more than one occasion.

You too can contribut to Global Warming by checking out the latest tidbits on Sarah Palin Rumors

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  1. GBGames says:

    It seems my comment to your previous article was filtered as spam for some reason. In it, I had mentioned that while getting your information direct from the source is good, you also have to keep in mind that politicians tell half-truths and outright lies. That’s where comes in handy. See it’s coverage of the RNC convention, the candidate’s various ads, and more.

    Also, it sounds like someone is falling for Palin. Can she do no wrong? B-)

  2. GBGames says:

    Also, Obama has his own rumor central:

    Whether or not you find it too biased since it seems to be Obama’s official site and not set up by his fans, there is still as I mentioned before.

    I haven’t found a good McCain rumor central, just individual posts.

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