CNN presents McCain Revealed and Obama Revealed

I spent two hours tonight riveted in place watching these back to back presentations from CNN. There was a lot that I learned about both men and their wives. I feel as if I understand both men better now and I certainly have more empathy for both of them.

Both have overcome long odds to arrive at where they are now. I feel that either will do the best they can to serve the country, but only one can win.

If winning is the result of underhanded tactics on either side, it can severely reduce the effectiveness of those who are elected. With the intense scrutiny afforded by the internet, hopefully there will be a major effort by all concerned to run extremely clean campaigns. Dead people voting more than once, or at all, should be severely frowned upon. I think that those who plan to fudge results in any way will get far more publicity than they expect. Let us hope that the election is relatively free of equipment malfunctions and mistakes.

In the event that Barack wins, I feel that John McCain will take it in stride and continue working as before to reduce pork and corruption.

If John McCain wins, I feel that Barack will have a really hard time accepting it. He has lost only once before and it almost devastated him.

In either event, I think we have to make a choice between two entirely different futures. The only way to make that choice intelligently is to watch and listen carefully to both sets of candidates, not the talking heads who would interpret what they think you should hear.

We don’t have much time left. Get all of the information you can.

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