Some Suggestions For Handling Chronic Body Pains

Pain is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong. It is a wake-up call to warn you of a threatening condition that will affect your survival. It can be caused by a present time activity such as biting on something and breaking one of your teeth, or falling and damaging a body part, or putting your hand on a hot object. When any one of these happens, you are prompted by the pain to change what you are doing.

There is another source of pain that is more subtle but can be just as crippling, and that is the memory of past injuries. These can be your memories from this life or past lives, or they can be the memories of those spirits who surround you and consider themselves as part of you. If their painful memories are vivid enough, you can experience lingering pains even where you have not experienced any significant injury.


Low Back Pain – Phantom Injury

We are so used to living with chronic pain that we do not question why we are experiencing it. We generally take some pain-killing medicine to lessen the effect so we can continue with our lives. If you are willing to become cause over this chronic pain, here are some exercises I would like to suggest.

First, put yourself in a position that minimizes the pain. Then clear your mind as much as possible by focusing your attention on some nearby thing until your attention stops jumping around.

Put your attention on something else and hold it there until your attention stops jumping around. Now put your attention back onto the point you selected before and decide that you are going to ease your pain. Wait until all of the objections to doing this have disappeared. Decide you are going to see if something can be done about your chronic pain and when you are ready, go on to the next step.

Gently put your attention on the place that hurts and keep it there until you discover thoughts or intentions emanating from that area. Withdraw from the area and consider what you have discovered. What were the intentions or thoughts? Write them down if you have difficulty putting them into words.

Put your attention on the place that hurts again and see what else is being intended. When you have learned something new, withdraw and consider what you have learned this time. Write it down if you have difficulty putting what you discovered into words.

Continue putting your attention on the place that hurt and withdrawing to examine what you discovered until you experience a release of pain or a significant change in the state of the area you are inspecting. If you have been putting your attention on the area and observing what has occurred, you have probably seen some images of past injuries which had something to do with that body part but took place in a previous existence. If you are able to fully acknowledge the existence of these incidents, and any responsibilities you may have had in bringing these about, you will find that the pains will diminish and eventually vanish.

If you maintain your peace of mind while doing this, you will eventually realize that you have participated in events that injured you in the past and you have spiritual companions who have injured themselves in the past and still have intense memories of the moments they injured themselves. All of these painful moments were caused by inattention or by mistakes and were held in suspension by the confusions that occurred at the time.

These past injuries get stirred up when you do something similar in present time and you experience them again until you discover the original injury and how it was caused to happen. Fortunately, there are many different ways to release these suspended incidents, so if you cannot release these chronic pains by yourself, you can get different practitioners to help you release them.

Massage therapists and acupuncturists are able to sense areas of suspended pain and can help you let go of them through therapy. Spiritual healers can also help you release chronic pains by addressing the spirits who are holding them in place. You can train yourself to use Spiritual Rescue Technology by reading my books and attain mastery of the ability to communicate with spirits that are influencing you. If you need more help, I can be reached at

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