Maintaining The Glow After A Spiritual Awakening

Some of you have experienced the incredible release that occurs from attaining enlightenment and letting go of the painful memories that have kept you from realizing your goals in life. It is a spiritual awakening of great magnitude. Those of you who have experienced this state have also noticed how temporary it was but never identified what made it so. After years of observation and experiencing a number of such releases, I have some suggestions for extending that expanded state of consciousness which has been identified as a spiritual transformation under many different names.

Some of us experienced this awakening after going Clear in Scientology, others experienced this new freedom after a life-changing event. Regardless of how it occurs, it is one of the most confusing and most profound transformations you can experience. The change in your personality and your ability to create desirable effects is immediate but, for reasons you will not easily discover, your transformation will be short-lived, lasting only a few days or a few years. A Spiritual Awakening is miraculous but unfortunately fragile.

If you persist in your course of self-enlightenment, you can repeat this transformation, as spiritual awakening is not a one-shot deal. Each step in your awakening opens the door to new awareness and new abilities, but you will eventually discover that each of these wonderful states is relatively short-lived unless you discover what causes this state to vanish.

What causes the vanishing of your life-changing state is not a fault of your new awareness or your purity of soul. It is a lack of knowledge of what you are dealing with. When you attain a spiritual awakening, you are no longer the effect of your past memories and you naturally feel invincible. If you, like most people who attain a spiritual awakening, find things in your environment that need to be fixed, you dedicate your time to confronting evil and corruption and making things better for all mankind. This is a trap that must be avoided.

Confronting evil and corruption may seem like a good thing to do, but it requires that you expose yourself to disturbing incidents and evil intentions that you were not previously exposed to. Confronting evil of any intensity is a huge challenge because it will bring up past incidents you have not yet handled. As a result, your emotional tone level will drop from enthusiasm to effort and anger and eventually end up at resignation when you realize that the supplies of evil are inexhaustible. If you have ever noticed the tone levels of long-time crusaders against corrupt organizations, you will see that they are rarely above being bitter and argumentative.

This low emotional tone occurs because they are continually dealing with extremely disturbing matters and these stir up memories, not only from this life but past lives also. These disturbing matters stir up all of the spiritual companions that surround us also. Those of you who are aware of your spirit guides may recognize that they get very disturbed when you spend your time delving into the insanity of evil activities. If you want an example of how this occurs, just think of a police person who has to confront society’s insanity and cruelty on a daily basis. The kindest person in the world will become jaded and callous after enough exposure.

With your spiritual awakening, you may feel you have the strength of Samson, who found a jawbone of an ass, and put forth his hand, and took it, and slew a thousand men therewith. He did not have a happy life, however, and you will not either if you cause others to rise up against you in anger.

If you use your spiritual awareness to find others who are aligned with your goals and work with them peacefully to improve life for all, you are more likely to maintain your glow from your spiritual awakening. If you put your attention on finding the good in people and using that goodness, however scant it might be, to make desirable changes in the world around you will find that your spiritual awakening does not fail and your personal survival will be enhanced.

Your spiritual awakening helps you find the good in people and working with that goodness will achieve more than searching for evil and trying to destroy it. Evil is a kind of insanity as it produces nothing of value. Associating with people of evil intent produces a contagion of aberration that will kill any benefits from your spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Awakenings are miraculous events. Don’t kill them by wasting your awareness on dealing with evil. Try to find actions that improve life for all and spend your time and energy supporting them. This will help keep you sane and productive for a very long time.

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