Achieving Higher Levels Of Consciousness Has Its Problems

Some of us have been discussing playing a larger game and moving on to higher levels of awareness and responsibility. This could mean moving out of a purely human existence so that more of our attention could be put on larger concerns than running a body and making mortgage payments and paying doctor bills.

My spiritual companions suggest that there are many different steps between everyday human awareness and godlike existence with awesome powers. Those of us who communicate with spirits daily see spirits at many different levels of awareness from totally inert to dedicated beings with missions they are carrying out. We even encounter beings who are acting on the physical universe in different ways. It is at this level that spirits may encounter resistance from ordinary human beings.

Most humans are happy to remain unaware of spirits who might interact with them and influence them. When groups of humans feel that spirits can be a threat, they lash out at those who invoke and command these spirits. The witches of Salem were reputed to be using spiritual powers and they suffered as a result. Almost anyone today who is using powers and abilities beyond what is considered “normal” can become the target of vicious attacks.

Anyone unwise enough to freely share their perceptions of the spiritual universe can upset family members and friends who have been holding off their fear of things unseen by carefully keeping their attention fixed on their daily routines. Every person on this planet is exposed to strange ideas and images every day depending on what they are doing with their environment. When they look at a movie or read a book or walk a city street they are being exposed to incidents that have occurred before. If they or the spirits who surround them have had similar experiences, they will find these earlier incidents coming to mind with all of the emotions and sensations of the previous incident.

A person’s reactions to a story or movie will be pleasant or painful depending on the previous incidents that are brought up by what they are doing now. If you become aware enough to operate without a body and interact with regular human beings, you will probably encounter the same barrier illustrated in the Dilbert comic strip.

This will probably be handled with a public relations campaign that promotes the desirability of being connected to a friendly spirit who can give you advice and comfort like your own personal Alexa or Siri system. A spiritual personal assistant is not that different in concept from the current digital personal assistants. With the right PR campaign, people could become motivated to recruit spirits to give them advantages in careers and relationships.

Acceptance and use of helpful spirits is a matter of positioning. I will have a book out on this subject in the next few months.

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