Building Teams Of Spirits To Help You Live Better – Pick The Right Projects

Have you successfully started a new business? Published a book? Found someone to build a life with? Designed a computer? If so, you have managed to interest some spirits in participating in your adventures.

I have done all of the above and many more long before I recognized the value and importance of working with spirits because I was fortunate enough to be working on projects that spirits found interesting. Disembodied spiritual beings are attracted to interesting projects as moths are attracted to bright lights. I chose careers as a design engineer, an entrepreneur, an author, and later as a spiritual researcher and found that in each of these I was constantly flooded with intriguing and novel solutions to difficult problems.

It was many years later that I discovered why I was so successful in those occupations when I was far less successful being a purchasing agent, a product marketing manager, or a highly paid corporate executive. My interesting jobs attracted help from spirit guides. My other jobs which were challenging and difficult and very highly paid were far less interesting and my spirit guides spent their time trying to protect me from exposing myself to oppressive working conditions.

Basically, the jobs where I was expected to innovate earned me a great deal of support from spiritual beings. They liked the challenges and I thrived with their support. In the other positions, I was expected to operate from a script and to follow the party line when it came to explaining what I was doing. Innovation of any kind was discouraged unless we did what management would have approved of.

My successes came from being supported enthusiastically by spirits and my difficulties occurred because I had no idea that spirits existed and were affecting my life. In my 42 years of corporate existence, I had no clue that my life was being so directly influenced by spirits, even though I was studying spiritual matters for the last 25 years of my corporate life. The problem was that my spiritual studies were focused on making myself more aware and improving my ability to get things done and were basically ignoring the massive effect that disembodied spirits have on all of us.

It has taken a great deal of research to determine that anyone animating a body and carrying out an earthly existence is struggling to operate in the presence of thousands of disembodied spirits who can directly affect the being who thinks he is in control and can affect the body he is trying to operate. Anyone attempting an earthly existence is influenced and occasionally controlled by these disembodied spirits so operating in ignorance of these spirits and their abilities is risky indeed.

Most of the spiritual research over the past thousands of years has been focused on how to make dangerous spirits go away. Exorcism has occupied the minds of priests and shamans since time immemorial because untamed evil spirits would make people do destructive things and become a source of fear to others.

The efforts of helpful spirits were recognized by a few enlightened souls, but no concerted actions were taken to address and recognize these helpful spirits for what they could do. Only in my recent Spiritual Rescue Technology research have I finally recognized the importance of working with helpful spirits as opposed to removing troubled spirits. It takes far less effort to recruit and manage helpful spirits than it does to address the vast hordes of troubled spirits that exist. It also takes a great deal of education and effort to address the problems of troubled spirits while one can recruit and encourage helpful spirits without knowing much more about them than they really like interesting projects.

So here is the first step in building a team of helpful spirits, work on interesting projects and you will attract spirits who will be willing to help you. You will find solutions and helpful suggestions appearing out of the blue and you and your spirits will enjoy yourselves.

If you are working on uninteresting projects like cleaning sewers or handling complaining customers, find a way to make the work interesting and you will experience an immediate boost in your morale and efficiency. If there are no opportunities to make the work interesting, you need to find another job because your life is being forced into a dwindling spiral and the end result is painful.

If you take the time to read my books on Spiritual Rescue Technology, you will gain the ability to communicate with your spiritual companions and will make better use of their talents. Your spirits have millions of years of experience and if you do not take advantage of their knowledge your life will be much less enjoyable. I am trying to complete my latest book, Working With Spirits, to give you the skills to build and manage teams of spirits. If you learn to work in harmony with your spiritual companions, there is almost nothing you cannot accomplish.

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