Are You Doing Interesting Things With Your Life that Help Others?

One of the easiest ways to ensure your spiritual well-being is to find interesting things to do that will help others. This will cause you to attract helpful spirits and they will contribute to whatever you are engaged in. You will find your awareness and abilities are increasing as you continue to do this.

There are a lot of interesting things you can do that will not help others but these activities will attract spirits who will eagerly participate and will degrade you and make you less able as time goes on. Participating in harmful activities attracts beings who enjoy these activities and you can quickly build up a collection of beings who can influence you to debase yourself further.

You do not have to believe any of this, just observe the people you know who are helping people and those who are oppressing other people. Which of these people are becoming more aware and happier and which are becoming more degraded as time goes on.

Now, we could attribute these two divergent paths to an all-powerful god choosing to reward or punish different behaviors, but a simpler solution is to look at how each behavior is being created. Those of us who can observe spirits and their behavior can see how a flock of spirits can affect a person’s behavior in various ways without the person being aware of being influenced. We who study Spiritual Rescue Technology have even discovered that we can change a person’s behavior markedly by communicating with the spirits surrounding them and persuading them to leave or change their efforts to control the person.

I am not aware of any protocols for negotiating with gods to alleviate the conditions of a person who is in trouble. However, I am aware of processes for determining why spiritual beings are harassing a person and getting them to look at the reasons they are doing so. In many cases, the beings are carrying out long outdated commands from a long-dead civilization and are happy to depart when acquainted with the truth.

Getting the harassed person to take responsibility for what they did in a past life will also end the cycle of torment and suffering. One cannot torment others and escape justice by dying and being reincarnated. The spirits they have wronged have long memories and will be seeking justice and retribution for millions of years in some cases.

If you learn how to set beings free from the sins of their past, you will be doing something that will interest all kinds of spirits. Every spirit wants to increase their free will and your ability to do that for them will assure you an audience and will gain you helpful followers who will increase your ability to create effects in the material universe.

Doing interesting things that help other humans will increase your abilities in many different ways. Doing things that help spirits affects a much larger audience and the benefits are significantly greater. There are millions of trouble and disembodied spirits for every human being on this planet. If you learn how to help spirits recover their free will, I feel there will eventually be an avalanche effect as these spirits realize that their current state is reversible and join in the effort to help others.

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