You are an immortal spirit playing at being a human

You probably chose this role in order to enjoy the sensations that go along with being human on this planet. It is a fascinating game and is probably why you lost yourself in this role thousands of lifetimes ago. You are actually an immortal spirit with no responsibilities except those you have created for yourself. Once you decide to join or to create a game for yourself, you get locked in until you reach a point where you decide you have won, lost, or need to play another game.

This is a game you play for sensations and emotions and the rules are complex indeed. Your tools are spiritual powers such as attention and admiration and your ability to animate a body. Pleasant sensations are rewarding indeed, but it takes time to discover that the rules are different at different times and places. Actions that produce favorable rewards at one time and place may incur punishment when performed elsewhere or at another time. Learning the rules can take many years and if you change locations or allegiances, what you learned before may be useless.

You need to remember that you can opt out of this game at any time and play another game or no game at all. You will have to give up your place on the board, but that is the only way to start a new game. You do get to keep your winnings and your losses but you eventually forget them unless something reminds you of them. Now, if you could only remember why you started playing this game in the first place, you might be able to change the rules for your next game.

Some of you may remember other games involving bodies where the bodies were created in different configurations and out of other materials to suit other environments. As more and more of you wake up and remember your past glories and defeats, you may free yourself to make different decisions on your next lifetime in a body. If you look closely at what you really want to accomplish, you may decide that another planet with an entirely different lifestyle is what you have been looking for.

For example, if spaceflight and interstellar travel are what you wish to do, you need to consider a body style that does not require food or atmosphere as those requirements limit you to short trips at great expense within a solar system. Running a mechanical body gives you mobility and the ability to control objects without the burden of operating in a limited range of temperatures and pressures. Our past discovery of alien “doll bodies” suggests that these visitors were capable of interstellar flight and suggests that we need to be able to adopt the same procedure if we attempt to gain the stars.

We may find ourselves desiring to explore planets with higher gravities or those covered by oceans. Doing this with earthly bodies will be an incredible expense in terms of protecting ourselves from these environments. Picking up environmentally suitable bodies and animating them will provide much more information, especially if these bodies are already available on site.

If you as a spiritual being are willing to forego the acquisition of physical sensations, you can visit any place in the physical universe and observe and participate as a non-corporeal being. Your ability to manipulate the environment will be limited to your psychic powers, but you will be able to gather priceless data on how the galaxies are being run and what is happening in the farthest corners of the material universe.

So, you are not limited to what you are doing now. When you are ready to end playing the part of an earth human being, you have an infinity of choices for your next ten thousand lifetimes. When you have completed your galactic adventuring, you can retire and tend sheep on some remote island off the coast of Scotland.

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