Taking Shadow Pictures of Spiritual Phenomena

One has a choice in communicating with spirits, either communicate with them directly as thousands of spiritual adepts have done for millennia and are still doing, or use science to observe the effects that spirits are creating on the physical universe. One is a direct observation and the other is an observation of secondary effects. Science cannot measure anything spiritual, it can only observe effects. Science cannot measure intention, attention, or emotion directly, but we can perceive them as spiritual beings even though we are wearing bodies.

Let’s take a simple example. One can observe a camel directly or one can observe the shadows that camels cast on the desert in the setting sun. There is a considerable difference in detail.

The spiritual universe has intentions that create and shape the material universe. Every object and person in the material universe was created through intention and this intention is generated by spiritual beings. Those of us who have been communicating with spirits enjoy two-way communication with departed relatives, historical legends who have not reincarnated, animals, plants, and various alien beings in remote locations. These communications are documented on various sites and Facebook groups where members share their experiences and compare notes. In many cases, these communications can be repeated by others when more information is desired. I have been documenting this communication with spirits for the last decade as I have developed Spiritual Rescue Technology with the aid of clients and friends.

There are many active groups using instruments to detect spiritual activity with meters and cameras of different sorts. There are massive amounts of data that can be recovered using scientific instruments but these are merely the EFFECTS of spiritual activity and not 2-way communications with spirits as our group enjoys.

I was recently contacted by Erica Gregory, founder of Worsley Paranormal Group who shared some of the images they have captured of spiritual activity and I took the time to visit their site. The group which has 1.7k followers has a wealth of data about the physical universe results of spiritual activity.

They are a paranormal group dedicated to getting physical evidence of activity in private properties and homes. They use E.V.P (Electronic Voice Phenomenon ) as physical evidence. They seem to do a credible job of capturing evidence of spiritual activity.

This is not however real communication with spirits and on their site, they ask, “Would life on Earth change if we had an ‘Afterlife Internet’ for 2-way communication with other side?”

We on the spiritual side of the fence already conduct 2-way communication with spirits every day. The only physical universe results are the amazing emotional releases and healings that take place in every session.

Those who experience these results need no affidavits or certificates to attest to their spiritual and physical improvement. Some of the older spiritual practices used electronic devices to measure the effects on the person’s body, but modern spiritual counseling eliminated the need for devices to measure what was happening.

Almost anyone who is aware of their environment can be trained to detect spiritual communication and with a little more training can communicate with spirits in a caring way to release spirits from the incidents they are often stuck in. This is carefully documented in my books on Spiritual Rescue Technology.

Erica and the people she works with have gone to great efforts to provide physical universe evidence of spiritual activity. I think it is a credible effort, but it is like measuring people and phenomena by taking pictures of their shadows. I would like to see what we could accomplish working with that group and using that group’s talents to expand our current activity of talking directly with spirits so that we could achieve a change in how people view spirits and work with them.

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