Why I Encourage Free Will And Self Determinism

If a person exercises his or her self-determinism, they are capable of acting independently of outside control. If they truly have free will, they have the capacity to choose between different courses of action unimpeded by outside constraints. This action allows them to take responsibility for their lives and for the results of their actions. When they can do this, they gain power and spiritual awareness and become more alive.

Unfortunately for people living on this planet, free will is attained rarely and momentarily as we are constantly being influenced by the spirits who surround us and affect us and our behavior on a 24/7 basis. If we know about our spiritual companions and understand their motivations, we have a chance of achieving self-determinism at least on a temporary basis. If we recruit helpful spirits to work with us on the projects we deem important, our chances of achieving the results we want are significantly increased. We can exercise our free will and we can encourage our helpful spirits to assist us of their own free will.

Free Will

If we understand the importance of exercising free will, we can understand the necessity of encouraging our physical universe partners and our spiritual companions to exercise their free will. Their actions will be supportive and each member will find ways to contribute to the end result. The group will continue to find ways to operate in harmony as that strengthens the bonds of the group and increases group morale.

Coercing and constraining others to operate in alignment with us gets results at the expense of everyone’s spiritual well-being. This is using psychological and physical force to get results at the expense of everyone’s life force. Operating in this manner is like running a chain gang. Work gets done but the action is punishment rather than a voluntary contribution. Punishment and oppression are degrading activities and nobody really benefits, not even those who are doing the punishing. Some families operate in this unfortunate manner and everybody involved ends up emotionally crippled.

A person with free will can operate independently or in harmony with others of their own volition. They are free to make agreements at will and to break them when conditions change. A person exercising free will is free to examine the basis of any agreement closely and to decide whether to accept the conditions of the agreement or change them to suit his understanding of what the agreement should entail. A person exercising free will is taking responsibility for their actions and decisions. If they have failed to exercise due diligence, they are responsible for the results of their actions.

People acting of their own free will make better decisions and be better companions than a person acting under compulsions or coercion. This means that if you are the leader or manager of a group, you should do everything possible to make sure your group members are acting of their own free will and not being compelled or coerced. Consider a symphony orchestra or any successful musical group, if they operate in harmony, their efforts combine to create incredible effects on their audiences and their careers. If any of the group feels they are being compelled to perform, their intentions will not be aligned with the rest of the group and the performances will suffer.

A group working in harmony projects a unified intention, just as an individual with spirit guides working in harmony projects a desirable intention whereas an individual with rebellious or evil spirit guides projects an intention that will repel others.

Once you understand the role of your spirit guides and their importance, you should also understand why you want your spiritual companions to exercise their free will when choosing to assist you. They will keep their intentions aligned and work in harmony and your power as a group will be extraordinary. You will effortlessly create results and life will be a series of continuing miracles compared to life without helpful spiritual companions.

Beings operating in harmony while exercising their free will continue to gain power and understanding. This puts a halt to the normal dwindling spiral of life and increases the life force of all involved.

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