You May Think You Are The Lone Ranger But You Have A Large Posse Riding With You Every Day

Regardless of your age, intelligence, religion, or sex, you are never alone. You have spirits at hand for every activity you engage in. Don’t get embarrassed, they have been with you forever and are generally pretty cool with what you are doing if you are winning in life.

These spiritual companions include departed members of your family, old enemies who can’t let go of you, people you knew and loved who can’t seem to move on, and beings who are attracted to you because of your charm and what you are doing in life right now. There are some in this crowd who are very helpful to you and there are some who object to whatever you do to improve yourself.

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If you try to stay positive and help others, you will attract those beings who are into helping others. If you persist in seeking revenge for past injuries and insults, you will attract beings who specialize in getting even. In this latter case, you will have a surly disposition and life will continually appear to be messing with you.

Of course, some of you will think this is imaginary but I have spent the last 46 years helping people deal with the spirits who surround them and affect their lives. For the first 34 of those years, I thought I was helping the person as a single spirit inhabiting a body. I considered the person to be responsible for all of the crap that he or she was getting into. It has only been in the last 12 years that the importance of the beings surrounding the person dawned on me.

In terms of active spirits and poltergeists and various other spirits, you are outnumbered by at least 100 to one. In most cases, these spirits do not have enough life force to take you over and totally control your behavior, but they will influence you and can make you do things you will regret later. You can read about them in my first book about Spiritual Rescue Technology and learn how to take control of your life, or you can read the rest of the articles I have written and make your own decisions.

There are many exercises and ways of meditating which will keep your spiritual companions from getting stirred up and affecting your life negatively. Leading a monastic life and avoiding the perils of the internet will also keep you and your spiritual companions from getting riled up and causing harm.

Learning about spirits and studying Spiritual Rescue Technology will give you the tools to handle troublesome spirits and enlist helpful spirit guides who will make your life easier. If you think of your spiritual companions as a resource and learn to work with them, you will develop talents far beyond your wildest expectations. Your posse of disembodied spirits possesses lifetimes of experience in every field you can imagine. No matter what you wish to create, there will be spirits who have done it before and will know the pitfalls and the rewards.

Whether you are an artist or a design engineer, you will have spirits who can guide you in what you wish to do. All you need to know is how to work with them. That is where my books and articles on Spiritual Rescue Technology come in.

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