To All My Online Friends, I Truly Appreciate Your Interest And Your Support – see update

I have been sharing my discoveries about our spiritual companions since 2010 and there are about 700 of you who are visiting my websites and dozens who have left comments and questions. I have been documenting what I have been discovering, but this is a mission that has been expanding in many different directions and I feel I am disappointing some of my longtime supporters by failing to cover their favorite aspects of the spiritual realm..

I feel I would like to do a better job of delivering more of what you need and want and to that end I would like to give you a survey so you can let me know what information will help you live happier and more successful lives. I will use the survey to direct future research and workshop activities and hope that your answers will guide me in future articles and books.

UNEXPECTED UPDATE: I posted a survey and have received enough responses that it exceeded the survey capability. Your responses have been very helpful and I will continue the survey as soon I get this one fixed. I will be posting a replacement survey in the next few days.

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