Unlock Your Ability To Perceive Intentions

Almost all of you have the ability to sense intentions from people you interact with. Do you realize that you can also pick up intentions that others have placed in objects and locations?

These intentions appear to be spiritual echoes, not of the spirit creating them but an echo of the intentions the spirit created and deliberately placed in a thing or a location. These intentions can be awesome or merely a shout of rage or other emotion. Some are subtle and insidious while others attack your senses like a punch in the gut. Some beings use this ability to place messages in places they claim as their own.

Many Messages

The intentions are separate from the aesthetics of the message, but they can work in concert with the aesthetics to create a lasting impression. The intentions can be simple or complex. When the combination of aesthetics and intention is skillfully crafted, the impact can be lasting.

What Intention Do You Perceive?

If you examine an original piece of art, whether a painting, drawing or an object itself, the intention is stronger than what appears in a reproduction. You can perceive this intention in a statue or in a material object designed with an intention to be admired. When you look at a Greek statue or when you look at a Jaguar XK-E, your first impression is usually the intention of the designer.

When a material object is designed for use and not for elegance, that intention is also apparent to the trained observer. Intention creates results in the material universe. Every material universe object is created as the result of intentions. When a group creates something, you can perceive their collective intentions.

Perceiving intentions is easier than communicating with spirits, but it requires a willingness and an ability to sense the spiritual aspects of what you are observing. If you are so distracted that perceiving intentions seems absurd, try meditating until you are calm and are no longer distracted by your body or your thoughts.

Then, try looking at intentions in a caring way instead of viewing the world in anger or despair. Perceive the object or image calmly and be willing to accept what is there. Try being the object or the image and perceive what it is being and what is intended. If you calmly persist, you will discover the intentions that created what you are looking at and any remaining intentions regarding its continuing existence. If you can observe without resisting the aesthetics and the intentions, you can duplicate what the creator was doing and intended.

As your psychic abilities increase, you may even be able to modify the intentions attached to an image or object to make them less harmful to experience. When you can modify a hostile intention so that it becomes useful or educational, you have removed a source of discord from the universe. Creating inspirational intentions and placing them where others can experience them is a higher form of existence and it starts with recovering your ability to perceive intentions in the first place.

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