Frederich Nietzsche’s Famous Quote Still Applies

A lot of serious people know for certain that spirits and spirit voices are complete nonsense, and that is because they cannot hear them or perceive them in any way. Andy Nolch, a blogger who usually makes good sense, claims that hearing spirits creates a degenerate person. He goes on to say that he is happy that he does not perceive entities or hear dead people.

Since I and many other people can communicate with spirits and dead people, I can certainly understand where Andy is coming from. His lack of spiritual awareness makes it appear that anyone who can hear spirits is insane. He is not being skeptical to be annoying, he cannot see or perceive spirits and for him, there is nothing to discuss.

Awareness is a selective characteristic. Those who can’t hear bats squeaking at night are never bothered by the noise they make. And probably should not spend any time discussing the phenomenon. Similarly, anyone who cannot perceive spirits has no way to confirm or deny their existence and should ignore the entire matter and just get on with their life.

In a way, people who cannot perceive spirits are very fortunate as there is nothing to distract them from being creative and productive. They have no way of confirming what others like us are experiencing and what we are doing must seem bizarre to them. They are like deaf people watching a symphony orchestra go through a series of silent exercises. The orchestra’s performance of something like Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is absolutely meaningless.

On the other hand, if you are bothered by thoughts and emotions you can’t ignore, you might try reading my book about where these distractions are coming from.

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