I want to validate all of you spiritual trailblazers and wish to share three observations that might make your spiritual explorations far more rewarding. 

My first observation is that many of you have seen more spiritual phenomena than I have. I know this because when you describe them to me, my spiritual companions bring up their memories and agree that your descriptions of earlier universes and earlier gods are accurate.

Conventional Representations of Spirit Guides

My second observation is that many of you are on the right track when you seek the assistance of spirit guides. You recognize you can do more with the aid of spirit guides than you can do by yourself. Many of you have spent years categorizing spirit guides and their capabilities.

My third observation is that very few of you have actually looked at the sheer number of disembodied spirits surrounding us on this planet. There are trillions of them and they are everywhere and many of them can be recruited to help those of you who are wearing bodies. Counting these spirits would be like counting drops of water in the ocean while you are immersed in it.

What I am nudging you to perceive is that there are an unlimited number of spirits you can call upon for assistance and guidance at any time. You can enlist spirit guides for help with your art, business, romance, music, writing, career advancement, software design, robotics design, cooking, plotting revenge against your enemies, raising your kids, evading the law, and recovering your past life abilities.

Of course, you must realize that recruiting a Jack the Ripper equivalent to avenge yourself on your ex-mother-in-law might end with him possessing you forever and you ending in an asylum of some sort.

Recruiting Angel Michael or one of his lieutenants might change your life for the better but might wreak havoc on your ability to sell insurance or real estate. Yes, there are an unlimited number of talented spirits to recruit to help you teach or heal people but you need to choose those who are willing to work for you and not control you for their own purposes.

This third observation came about from my engineering background. I knew that spirits existed because they had helped me save someone many years ago. I knew they could be contacted from my Scientology experience as a counselor. My engineering viewpoint made me keep looking to see exactly how the spiritual universe affected the material universe and vice versa. I kept looking for the reason why life on this planet was so difficult.

The short answer is that this planet has been a dumping ground for unruly spirits for millions of years so that any colonists and latter-day explorers from other galactic civilizations found themselves slowly going mad from thoughts and emotions they could not control. Every ancient colony and military outpost eventually destroyed itself no matter how sophisticated its technology was.

Atlantis, Lemuria, Shangri-La, Patagonia, Avalon, Sodom, Gomorrah, and Ur are just a few of the legendary cities that emerge from past life sessions. I am sure there are hundreds more to be discovered. My effort here is not to urge you to discover and analyze the ruins but to get you to comprehend that any civilization surrounded by hostile spirits is sure to be short-lived.

Trying to eliminate these spirits through exorcisms is like bailing out the ocean with a tin cup. The efforts to drive out spirits through torture or exorcism or Scientology auditing do work but they made no real difference in the number of spirits we have to deal with. 

If, on the other hand, we look at this endless array of spirits as the talent we can recruit to help us create a better world, we can each empower ourselves with as much spiritual assistance as we can manage.

We are surrounded by spirits who developed faster than light spacecraft, mind control devices, anti-gravity systems, implant stations, teleportation devices, planet busters, and even some helpful devices to make life easier in strange places. These spirits are still with us and are inspiring science fiction writers every day. Why not recruit some of these beings for yourself and develop the next generation of flying vehicles or musical instruments that heal?

In summary, I would suggest you look at the vast number of spirits surrounding you and find some of them to help you in your next project or business venture. Once you learn to communicate with them in a caring way and give them some interesting projects to work on, you will be amazed at how much you will accomplish with your new friends. 

Just remember to acknowledge them for their assistance. You can get some ideas on how to do this by reading my latest book, Talking To Spirits.

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